Short notice

Hi folks!

I am sorry that I am a little quiet at the moment …

Somehow, knitting doesn’t go well for me right now. I wanted to knit the Bonsai shawl for me, but somehow I messed up the stitch count in one of the first rows were beads are involved which I wanted to substitute with nupps … And now I don’t have the nerve to sort that out.

Then I started a little striped hat to use up leftovers but didn’t want to knit that (luckily I noticed that before I was several cms in …) …

Plus now, there is a secret item I am knitting (and that I am most likely NOT finish in time). Since I have been so busy with university work lately, there wasn’t much free time …

Don’t worry about me, I’ll be posting soon again. I’m using up leftovers now with a Minimaniac Scarf and try to remember which row I have to purl and which to knit …

I guess I have lost my knitting mojo a bit at the moment.

Sorry that there are no pictures, but maybe I can write soon again! If not, see ya’ll next week and have a great time until then!


Lots of love,
Julia :D

Flash your stash 2015! (Truly picture-heavy)

Hi there! :)

I am sorry that I was quiet for so long, but somehow, I had a very strange mixture of stuff-to-do and free time and didn’t get round to blogging …

Stash 2014

As I said in the last blog post, I recently took part in the “Flash your stash!”-thread in one of the ravelry forums. After looking at amazing quantities of yarn (the “amazing” reffering to both the yarn and the size of certain stashes), I decided that I’d get my stash out to see it all in one place. In the picture above, you can see Continue reading

… But what about the rest?!?

Hi there!

Thank you so much for your wonderful, kind comments about gran’s shawl! I am very happy that everybody likes it (and most of all, that she likes it too!). I am sure that I grew about 4 inch while reading them. :DChristmas Socks 2014

I thought I’d give you a little heads-up about the next three blog postings I have planned, so that you have an overview over what is yet to come (I’ll link to the postings when I have written them, too, for convenience): Continue reading