One Out of Six: Northlights

Hello sweet people,

first of all, I’d like to thank you so much for the kind words regarding my great-aunt. Tina reminded me that we all should seriously remember to make books out of our photos or keep real photo albums, and I think I will be going through my photos of my granddad’s 90th birthday and organise them so I can make an actual album from them. (Philipp and I haven’t done this with our photos from our Wedding and the Scotland trips yet, so we should totally do it).

Yesterday afternoon, I went apple picking with M. (from our party, whose baby I made the little green hat for, because we will be campaigning the day after tomorrow and will hand out self-made apple juice to people who want to come and talk to us about the upcoming elections. It was really good to go outside and be in the sunshine and do something, and I walked home afterwards, and the exercise did me good as well.

Today, I’d like to talk about the first Christmas present that I have finished for this year (not counting the socks Marie will get, because they were more like an afterthought).

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Originally …

I wanted to tell you about the yarn that came yesterday, and that I have now everything for the next eight presents or so, definitely everything I need for this year’s Christmas knitting. I have even taken several “group shots” and have already uploaded them.

I wanted to tell you about my mother’s hat (which is done) and how I blocked it and I took pictures of it, too.

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On a Rainy Sunday

Hi, sweet people, and welcome to this post!

It has been raining all day. Philipp has been hard at work preparing for his final exam (which is at the end of September) and I have been knitting, listening to “Random Horror Podcast No. 9”, reading Solaris, and sleeping (I have slept quite a lot this week, because I caught a cold and tried to rest more). So, how about you get yourself something hot to drink, and I’ll update you on some things here? There will be a LOT of pictures, because there is LOADS to catch up on!

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For When the Little Lion Meets the Sea

Hello wonderful people,

I hope you had an amazing weekend and have started your new week in the best of ways! Before I launch into a more regular routine again, talking about my WIPs and books and something, I want to show you the hat I made for the Little Lion. (I have been pondering if I could organise this better and put my FOs in regular posts instead of making separate blog articles about them. Your thoughts on this matter are well appreciated!)

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Utterly Exhausted

Dear friends,

I know I said I wanted to blog, but the last days have just been … a lot.

On Thursday, our local chapter of the Greens voted for its new spokespersons. I’m on the team.

On Friday, election posters could be put up, starting at 6pm. We met for pizza at 4.30pm and headed out at six to put them up, in teams of two, sometimes three. I was on a team of two. We were finished two minutes before midnight.

On Saturday, I slept.

Today, I went to get six more posters for three additional locations (we hang them double, one poster per side), helped someone else load their cargo bike with posters, put up the posters together with Philipp, then went to distribute flyers. Then I slept. And then we had a short video call with Laura and Steffen, which was utterly delightful. The Little Lion is a super cute baby and very kind and sleeps three to four hours in one go, which is doing amazing things for the new-found family dynamic.

I’m going to write all the blog posts I wanted to write, but for now, here is a picture of the cowl I have started for Laura the day on Thursday afternoon – she passed her last exam and is now a fully-licensed medical consultant.

The yarn is the Alapaca dk weight I showed you in this post, the pattern is Jacqui Verbeek’s Little Creek Buff (ravelry link). It’s really simple, even with the dropped stitches, and the softness of the yarn makes this a real wellness project and I only have to count up to seven, which is doable.

I’ll talk to you soon once I’ve detangled my brain.

Al the love and a great Monday,

Everything’s Okay!

Hi friends,

I am so sorry, I didn’t want to disappear, and all is well. I promise. I have been meaning to blog since last week, but was a little exhausted during evenings, which is my usual blogging time (maybe I should change that), and so this post got shifted further and further and boom! Eight days without blogging.

Both the little hat(!) and the blanket(!!) are finished(!!!), and I still want to blog about Lenka’s shawl, but let me just catch up with you in this blogpost about everything that happened, and show you the photographs in another post, okay? Okay.

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August Means Planning for Christmas

Hello everyone …

… and this was July. I am still super behind in my personal timeline but by now I am accepting that I have to roll with the punches and that I am super behind. Apparently, this was July, and August began yesterday. Huh.

For me, the beginning of August always marks the second half of the year in which the names of the months get longer again – and that also means that I am trying to get a grip on my Christmas planning. As I said in my post before last, I have bought most of my Christmas knitting yarn, and that also means that the list is more or less done by now. But before we are getting there … pictures!

The blanket is a weird bundle right now, and I had to put a filter on the photograph so you could see more of the true colours (they are a bit darker in real life). The pattern instructs you to use one long circular needle or “more than one” – I am using three now, two to hold the border stitches and a third one to knit, althought the whole thing does fit onto one needle, as I figured out by accident this afternoon. So far, it’s coming along fine.

Picking up the stitches was a tiny bit difficult for me, since we had to do some math on how many stitches I would have to pick up in each half-hexagon and the corners on the short sides (thanks, Philipp!), but once that was done, it got easier. All in all, I need to work ten rounds – five ridges of garter stitch – and it might just be enough, but we’ll see. Right now, I am completing the third ridge, so there is a good chance that the blanket will get finished this week (fingers crossed!)

The Little Lion’s hat has also seen some progress and has gone from this:

To this:

I know that this is probably going to be WAY too big for a newborn kid (although the pattern says that this is the “baby” size and I am getting gauge), but I am not too bothered by this. The hat is warm, Fishermen’s rib is stretchy, and if the upcoming winter will be like the last, well, the Little Lion will probably make good use of the hat. (I really like the colour combo, by the way)

This hat will not be the last this year – right now, I have six items on my Christmas list. Apart from the cowls I showed you in the post above (it’s here if you don’t want to scroll ;) ), I’d also like to make the little Hoodie from this post for the Little Lion. One Christmas present is undecided yet (I think it’s gonna be mittens, but nothing is fixed). Most of this yarn, if not all of this, should be gone by the end of December:

Apart from all of this, there are going to be two hats, one of them being for my mother. She had asked for a hat the year before last, but did so way too late, and so I told her no. This year, at my grandfather’s birthday, I asked her if she would still like one, after talking about Christmas presents with my gran at the restaurant and noticing that she was listening intently. After a very quick browse through my queue (with Philipp’s phone, because I had left mine in the car), she enthusiastically picked Clare Hutchinson’s Northlights (ravelry link). I warned her that it might not be super, super warm, being knit in fingering weight, but since she is also used to wearing the hood of the winter jacket on top of it, she should be okay. For the yarn, we decided that I will go and use up some yarn I got for Mathilda’s sweater, because Mathilda will most likely get Hel et Zel’s Petite Saponaire instead of Archange. We still have to take her head measurements, but once that is done, I’m good to go.

All of this is a lot, and I mean, a LOT of work. I know that. On the other hand, I have never made a lot of single items before – mostly, it was socks, and mittens (of which you need two), or bigger items, such as scarves and shawls. We’ll see how it goes this year.

This is the yarn, by the way.

I will be back as soon as I can, with pictures of Lenka’s shawl and pictures of the blanket, and a hopefully further grown hat, but until then, I hope you have a fantastic week and sleep well tonight. :)

All the love,