My Second-Oldest WIP? Oh Yeah, it’s FINALLY FINISHED!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another week!

I hope you are well, and that you had a good weekend! As you can see from the title (and from the sneak peek picture in my last post … The Steampunk-ish Scarf is DONE.

And MAN. I couldn’t be happier.

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Small Beginnings

Sweet people, I hope you are having a great weekend and that you had a good Easter!

Ours was very quiet. On Saturday afternoon, Philipp and went to the local test centre to get an express test (I don’t know how if that’s the right term, sorry), and, no surprise here, both came out negative (I mean … the only times I go out more or less regularly is to the drugstore and to buy bread). But since I never had to get tested before, I thought I could go and do this now, when there was nothing to worry about, and so I know the procedures if I should ever need a test (I hope not though!).

On Sunday, we baked another braided bread and took it to Philipp’s dad, and it was a quiet and comfortable afternoon. While we were there, I started a new sock with the Zwerger Opal yarn I had pulled from my stash a few weeks ago:


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Okay, I’ll Just Start. A Rant.

Disclaimer: This is a depression post. I guess. It’s also a rant, and after going over various ways to write this post in my head, I have realised that I probably sound completely and utterly nuts no matter how I try to go about this post, so I’ll just write it down and put it here. There might be some rambling and it’s gotten quite long.

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Yarn and Progress on Sunday!

Happy Sunday!

I hope you had a good weekend! I handed in my chapter last Wednesday (92 pages. PHEW), and tried to read up on a bit of extra stuff, but didn’t really find anything useful. Now I have to decide whether to continue that or whether to start the analysis of the fourth (or rather, the first) tract Menius wrote (I already analysed this one for my MA thesis, but have to do it again, since I can’t simply copy and paste my work into my PhD thesis). It’s about 220 pages long (he wrote this BY HAND. Just sayin’) and I might start with the prefaces again, that is manageable, and then I can take a few days off around Easter. (It’s almost Easter. Wow. We haven’t decorated anything and yes, of course, we have to clean the windows again! Woo-wee!)

At the end of May, the chair meets to discuss our works, and I already signed up for a presentation. My plan is to give an overview (you could call it a preview of my thesis, I guess) and I’m excited for the feedback!!

Anyway, ON TO THE YARN! By now, I have heard from the UK yarn, it’s in the mail, I’m even able to track it, and I am really excited to get my hands on it! For now, however, I’m gonna show you the latest haul, and here we go!

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Wip Wednesday: Gibson Gets a Waist

I’m back to normal! Hooray!

Hello everyone, I hope you are fine, my mood is good. Hooray! Thank you so much for your comments on the socks and your kindness in regards to the picture! ;)

My new yarn did arrive on Saturday (I still have to write that email to the UK, though), but since Wednesday is not yet over, I thought I’d talk about the sweater I’m working on. As I said in my post before last (it’s here), I cast on Angela Hahn’s Gibson when I found out that I hadn’t gotten gauge for the Haiku cardi (the link will take you to the website if you should happen to have problems with the ravelry layout). This was the state last Saturday …

… and then I worked a little further, and then I decided to frog.

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Dancing in the Moonlight

Hello dear friends!

Well, what can I say – this week wasn’t better. Sigh. I am still super exhausted, it’s all a bit much, and I’m trying to take care of myself as best as I can. Knitting helps. Yesterday, I got a parcel with new yarn I ordered (not the yarn from England, I haven’t heard a peep yet and will have to write an email), but I’ll show you the yarn in another post.

Today, we’re talking about my socks!

Ta-daa! Aren’t they pretty?

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At the Moment …

Hi friends,

I hope you are well!! Once again, I wanted to blog earlier this week, but at the moment …

  • I’m super stressed because of #thecurrentsituation. Our politicians made the horrible decision to lift some of the restrictions in spite of the rising numbers, because “you have to take into account that we are vaccinating now”. The medical experts and scientists have already said that at this rate, we WILL have to close everything down come Easter, but we will have a lot more people who have died by then. I do not get this decision. At all. Germany has a large number of elections coming up this year though (with the big election in September), so this might be … don’t ask.
  • I am halfway through the second sock!

I totally love the socks, and I am actually past the heel now and started the gusset decreases – but since there are two video conferences in the upcoming week, I thought I’d save the sock for those.

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Ending the Month on One and a Half

Good evening, everybody, and welcome to the last post of February 2021!

I hope the first two months have treated you well, and I hope that you got some whiff of spring in your part of the world and your days are filled with flowers, and birdsong, and light! (Very important for those of us in the northern hemisphere).

For me, this month has been both productive and very slow – I gave a presentation in a friend’s seminar (colleague at my former chair, also working on a PhD supervised by my professor) which was very well-received as far as I can tell, I knit, and I read, and I exercised, but reading was slow, I didn’t manage to hand in my chapter as planned (this bugs me), and knitting has just picked up speed. BUT I did finish things, and today, as promised by the title, I’m showing you one and a half finished items.

This is where we left off in our penultimate post, remember? I had just frogged aaaall of the progress of Mathilda’s socks and started anew, this time with 2.5mm needles.

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A Plunge into the Stash

Hello, sweet people,

I know, it’s been a while. I really didn’t mean to disappear for a week and a half and there is no bad reason for it; in fact, all is well. Or rather: There are some aspects that need improvement (such as Philipp being incredibly stressed out by his insane workload), but apart from that, most things are well. Spring has sprung in our part of he world, and I really missed hearing the birds and seeing flowers and buds on the trees so much.

Another reason for my absence is that I was, quite frankly, a little bored with my knitting, because I had nothing really new to show to you – it was either the socks or the shawl, and I had shown you plenty of pictures already. However, both of them are done (I’ll show them later – the socks this week, and the shawl when Lenka received it) and they turned out very nice.

To celebrate this (and because I ordered a lot of sock yarn from GamerCrafting’s Anti-Valentine sale), I took the opportunity to plunge into my stash, and that’s what I’d like to talk about today. Ready? Set – Go!

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Wooo Look at All My Progreee— Never Mind.

The title says it all.

I was making the most beautiful progress. I even took pictures in the snow on the balcony.

Once I had decided that Mathilda would not get the sweater for her birthday as I wasn’t in the mood for another bigger project (she will get it later this year, it’s knit in fingering yarn, after all), I remembered that I had two balls of Regia 4-ply in the colour “Candy” in my stash, and so I set to work (one ball will be enough for a pair of socks in size 24/25, and I thought I’d make myself a pair of sneaker socks with the rest).

Progress was truly grand.

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