A Private Party on the Couch

Two more hours. Then 2015 will be history.

The original plan for tonight was me getting up in the morning baking muffins with buttermilk and berries, and Philipp checking our raclette-set. At about half past four, we would have gotten into the car to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends of ours.

Weihnachtssocken 15
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Welcoming (the) Jacket

Hello everybody!


I hope you are all well – I am sorry for my longish absence, but although I didn’t have to work last week, there was much to do and I really didn’t get to writing any blog entries.

I have been to the library a lot and I managed to get some studying done for my dissertation – it was demanding, but so worth it! I love doing this and although it is sometimes hard to concentrate for 3-4 hours straight, I am so calm and happy when I have finished summarising another chapter or read another relevant article – one step closer! 😀

So – this is where we left off last WIP-Wednesday, right?

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Coal and Steel and Steam

Hello everybody! 😀

I hope you’re fine and everything is okay in your part of the world? Of course I know about the crisis in the US and I do hope that it will be over soon and that those of you who are affected by it get through this  time!!!

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Socks for Granddad, Socks for Me

HI all!

It’s been a long time … again.

I am still writing on my MA thesis, next Monday (the 29th) marks the half point (two months) until my deadine. I finished reading the source yesterday, but I’m not worried about this, since I have already analysed quite a bit of it and have even revised the first drafts for my introduction, the Historical Background, Menius’ introduction, etc.

Finally, the summer has arrived here in my part of the world, it is hot and since my flat is directly under the roof and the house is a bit old, it gets very warm – I had already 29°C-30°C in here, which is about 84F-86F. Continue reading

Solution to Da Game …

Hi there! 😀

I hope you all are very well? I’ve circled the »article« button all day, because, somehow, I don’t know how to start this posting … But we’ll see how it goes, shall we?

Okay: The Game. This was a weird one, right? Okay, so just to remind you … I showed you this:

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