Bathing in colour

JUST when I said that the colour palette has come to more soothing tones … This arrived in the mail:


Now, normally, I do not order much online. I don’t even have an amazon account. I have made exceptions for spindles or fiber though, and this was one of them. These fibers are from Continue reading


Resulting Resolutions

Happy New Year all! 🙂

I hope the first few days of the new year have brought nothing but joy for you, and many relaxing, happy moments.

I, for my part, cancelled each and every single weekend plan – I found it irresponsible to spread more germs around than necessary. Thus, I have neither been at knitting group (grrr) nor at my grandparents’ today, which was a real bummer – but, as you might recall, my grandparents are over 80, and even if they were younger, I wouldn’t want them to catch that.

So … Resolutions! This will be a pretty standard “start of the year” post, and lots of others are doing it, too – but please bear with mine, I have lots of pictures! Promise. 🙂

Stash 2016 01

Since I have started this blog, Continue reading

Practising My Spinning

Ho there! 😀

Told ya, I’d be back … How are you folks? I hope everything is fine in your part of the world …
I’m still down with bronchitis, the doc wasn’t so pleased with me yesterday … I do hope I can shake this off, soon. :/

SO … As I promised before … I will post something about my spinning. 😀 Continue reading