There’s something I’ve gotta tell you …

… and it’s got to do with the long silence and about a lesson for life and stuff.

No, I’m neither pregnant, nor have I gotten married. It’s knitting related. Please don’t get ahead of yourself. 😉


See you tomorrow!

All the love,
Julia 🙂


Bark around my neck

Time flies.

I have no other explanation for this long absence, except that I have started to write again (and that I am still fangirling) and that I am exercising more. On top of that, since the middle of April, I have two jobs, plus the dissertation, and so my free time has become something I have to manage well, if I want to tend to everything equally (obviously, I haven’t completely succeeded yet).

But: Here I am! 🙂 And I even have something to show you.

When I visited the handmade in 2013 for the first time, I bought this beautiful skein of sock yarn from the Ponderosa booth:

Ponderosa Birke 01
It was displayed as a singular skein, and I fell in love with the colours. It sat in my stash for three years, and now, due to my promise to use up my most beautiful yarn instead of staring at it, I have finally found a pattern that is suitable.

Meet the Oaklet Shawl. This is a freebie pattern by the wonderful Megan Goodacre, and I wanted to knit it for ages, so I figured that it was a perfect match. There is an updated version of this pattern now, for a bigger shawl and more lace, but I liked the old one and thought it good enough.

I cast on at the beginning of April and finished it at the beginning of May:

Birch Shawl 02

and, if I may say so, it came out really, really lovely.

Birch Shawl 03
The shawl consists of a stockinette body with a spine in the middle and a lace border that is simple, but beautiful.

Birch Shawl 04

I knew the yarn would probably swallow it completely, but I wasn’t going so much for the lace part, but for the yarn itself, and after trying garter for a bit, I decided that stockinette would be best.

I got gauge (22sts/10cm) with a 4,0mm needle, and the only change I made to the pattern was increasing to 249 sts instead of starting  the border at 233 sts.

Birch Shawl 06

This is neither the largest shawl I have ever made, nor will it fit each and every one of my outfits.

Birch Shawl 08

But it certainly suits my complexion, and I love the look of it, especially when I am wearing it asymmetrically …

Birch Shawl 07

… instead of pulling it up, which would not do it justice.

Birch Shawl 09
The best thing about this project is not only that I used up 97 grams of a beautiful skein and do not have that much leftovers, but that I tried to take a chance with a heavily coloured yarn, and took my time to find pattern for it that I could be happy with.

Because sometimes, yarn is too good to be hidden as handknit socks inside your sneakers. 😉
Have a lovely, lovely start into your weekend, my friends! I have more to show you and more is yet to come!

All the love!
Julia 😀

Creative Ways to Destash

It was a dark and cold Friday night. We were sitting on the couch, Philipp and I. He was reading Terry Pratchett’s Mort, while I was watching Suishomaru’s Let’s Play to Pandora’s Tower. Next to me were the second testknit sock and some cotton yarn to make my granddad another Tribble I could hand in for Quidditch in the HPKCHC challenge. I had been browsing the ravelry forums for the last couple of minutes and was just about to log out when I saw that I had received a message.

Lacey Lamb

The message came from Continue reading

Something small …

… because I do not want to write much today.

I do not know how many of you are French or have relatives or friends in France – but I do hope that you are safe and I hope your family is safe and you friends, too, and that the horrors didn’t enter your lives last night. And if yes, although this may seem shallow, please let me send you my sincerest condolences and a virtual hug. And if you are from Beirut, or have lost friends and family there, please let me offer you my sincerest condolences and a virtual hug as well.

I don’t know many French people – from the bloggers, I think, it’s only Ashveen – but I immediately thought about him and my French teacher and hope that their families and friends are alright.

To all the Parisiens who opened their doors to strangers last night and offered protection to those still out in the streets: Thank you so much. That was brave and courageous and showed love and compassion.

Please do not let this put hatred between us all. Please let us show love and compassion to each other instead of hatred and fear.

Love one another, friends. Take care of yourself and those around you. Be there.


Sending you lots and lots of love,


All neat and tidy.

The cold is still not gone.

Bly Socken 01

That means, the cold per se yes, but I am still tired easily, and so I decided not to go to knitting group, but rather to stay at home, because this weekend is the only possibility for me to chill for two days.

Because I have a hard time not doing something, I decided to tidy up my knitting, so I can give you a little status update. On we go! 😀 Continue reading

By the Sea

Hello everybody, and welcome back! 😀

As I said, I wasn’t able to post last week – and that was because we went to the North Sea!

08.10. Langeoog 10 Strandblick

We really needed that, I think (especially Philipp. He’s been working LOADS.) and we had a great time. I was a bit worried about whether Continue reading