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Hi there!Jule the Cat

Man, that took a long time. Don’t you hate it when there is nothing much wrong with you, but you simply feel worn out and sleepy? Last week was like that again – on Friday, I felt too tired and groggy to go to the library (!), so I went to the doc again to make sure I didn’t catch bronchitis. Good news: No bronchitis. Bad news: The cold simply hadn’t worn off yet. Argh … I didn’t have to call in sick again, though, and so I spent yet another weekend on the couch, with lots of knitting, a new game for my DS (“Golden Sun – The Dark Descent”) and (since I didn’t have any new library books) Elizabeth Gilbert’s “The Signature of All Things”.

Rest was only interrupted on Saturday, when we went to E.’s birthday party.

Apart from the book she had asked for (a crime novel – E. will read just about anything if it contains corpses, a detective and gruesome murder), I had a surprise present in store.

The Blueberry Shawl.

I do not quite know how much I have told you about Continue reading


A Very Bunny Wedding (Pictures. Tons of pictures.)

Hi everybody!

Today I finally want to show you how the bunny-saga ended. The wedding was …. wonderful. Simply wonderful. The church service was long, but not boring (E. surprised us all with an amazing solo – she sang John Legend’s “All of me” in Soprano. That woman has got nerves of steel!), the food was fantastic, we danced a lot, the flashmob we had to practice (to Fergie’s “A little party never killed nobody”) went well … It was an amazing feast. E. and her husband radiated happiness and looked stunning. Both of them. I wish you could’ve been there.

After a good long break yesterday, during which I did nothing but knit and relax, I gathered the best pictures and I am ready to go!

Häschen 1 und 2 03

This was the last picture of the bunny-blopost, I think – by Thursday evening, all the body parts and the pullover were done. I started Continue reading