It’s done! :)

Iย  finished!

I’m so, so proud … I think it looks quite nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

Iron-Wrought Cables 19
I am very happy to say that YES, I finished in time and NO, it wasn’t stressful at all. The rest of the body did get done very quickly, and since there was only a tiny bit of ribbing, I finished with enough time to sew in all the ends and close the seams under the arms.

Iron-Wrought Cables 20
Looking back, the hip increases proved to be unneccessary; they make the sweater flare a bit, and I may frog the bottom to the part where I started th increases and reknit it just the way it is. This will mean picking out a lot of seams, since I used a couple of scraps for the bind-off, but it will be worth it, I think …

Iron-Wrought Cables 21
Because it really would be nice to be able to lift my arms in public. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have about 85 metres left of the yarn (i.e. the swatch), and I don’t think I can make this very much longer, but just a bit would be nice, maybe one or two centimetres!

All in all, I am very, very happy how this sweater turned out! I never thought I could knit a whole sweater – let alone in a three-month’s time span! This sweater has boosted my self-esteem, and I am already looking forward to knitting the next one. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Maybe I should finish that cardigan first, though …)

The yarn was Wolle Roedel’s “Misto”, a cotton/acrylic mix that sadly isn’t produced anymore. I knit the sweater on 3,5mm needles and changed only very little in the pattern, which is Sandhurst Jumper by Artesano. I put all the changes into my project notes, and if you’re curious, feel free to have a look! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I only have to wash this … And see how it comes out … ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, my friends! Talk to you soon!
All the love,
Julia ๐Ÿ˜€

P.S.: For those of you who are wondering what I’m knitting know: Here’s a hint:

A Shawl made out of Birch 01


Wait and see

I’m so sorry my friends.

I have been incredibly tired for a while. This month has been filled with lots and lots of work – one of my colleagues fell ill, and then I had to work tons. Also, the job prospect I told you about and that should have gotten on stage in February is still not on stage, and I am curious whether it will happen in April … We’ll see.

I haven’t knit so much during the last few weeks, to be honest. I have realised that there are a few “meh” spots when I look in the mirror, and so I started to work out again last week, and I have been going on foot to and fro work for a while (I have tried to make at least one way on foot).

In the evenings, I was often too tired to write on my story or knit or blog, and I am really sorry that I haven’t been in touch with you and that I haven’t visited your blogs or commented. I will try to better myself.

Iron-Wrought Cables 17

The climax of this “feeling stressed out” phase was reached on Tuesday, when all I literally wanted was to curl myself up into a ball and hide under my blanket. The sad news about Brussels didn’t help making it better one bit, and I am still shaken about it.

I cancelled everything I had set myself up for Wednesday and spent the day at home, talking to almost nobody except Philipp, working on my dissertation, knitting the second sleeve and listening to a lot of rain sounds.

I have finished the second sleeve of the Sandhurst Jumper already, and despite my fear, I had a little bit of yarn left for each sleeve.

creative sport DK

Since the yarn is indeed not available anymore, I got myself this one instead – it is a bit lighter than the original yarn, and a bit thinner, too, but I thought I could use it on the bottom ribbing of the sweater and maybe, maybe it all will work out.

We’ll see.
I am sending you lots and lots of love – thank you so much that so many of you checked in regularly! The next project will be something colourful again, I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰

All the love, and Happy Easter!

Going Down

Slowly, but surely, this thing starts to look like a sweater …

Iron-Wrought Cables 14
This was the Sandhurstj Jumper’s state for a week or two, while I was busy knitting small dishcloths and tiny mittens and socks (I have knit another dishcloth, but this is not important now).

My stash of unused yarn grows smaller and smaller (let’s be honest, it would be weird otherwise), and by now, I am seriously growing anxious that … well, thatImightnothaveenoughyarn.

There. I said it. “Misto” is a seasonal yarn, as far as I know, and I bought it last June when it was on sale (I’m glad that I log stuff like that on ravelry. It’s damn handy). I don’t know whether they have it again already (I think it comes in anually), but even if not, I can ask whether they will still get it … Hopefully before June!

This is my current progress so far:

Iron-Wrought Cables 16
and I still think that it fits fine (I am a bit worried about the underarm seams, to be honest. I might pick up the stitches from the seams and knit a few more rows before closing the seams. Otherwise, I might not be able to lift my arms. While that may make me a great life-sized dummy for the sweater, it’s not really practical for work. Or … life).

This is the front:

Iron-Wrought Cables 15
And you can see the new “problem” that has emerged at the bottom of the photograph. I have hips. Not very broad hips, but they are there nonetheless. And that means that “knit 31cms without shaping” isn’t going to happen with this sweater. Thus, Philipp and me have looked at my upper hip measurements, and have calculated (well, to be fair – Philipp calculated it) that I have to increase about 40 stitches. So far, I am increasing every other row, two stitches left and two on the right, and then I have a mind to knit one or two plain rounds before I start the 4cm or ribbing.


The yarn. I might not have enough yarn.

And so I took one of the two balls I have left and started one of the sleeves … And then I will see how far I get with that. I might have to frog the swatch, but that’s no real problem. If all else fails, I am going to increase in every round, that would safe me yarn and would be faster.

So far, it’s looking good! What do you think, my friends?

Lots of love!
Julia ๐Ÿ˜€

Shape it, Baby!

It’s coming along, it’s coming along!

The Sandhurst Jumper is on its way, I can say that much. After being a bit baffled about the setup instructions for the separate parts (you basically start knitting front, back and the separate sleeves one after another, gradually increasing until you have a certain stitch size. Then you put the sts on waste yarn, cut the thread and move on to the next part), I just did what I was told, and it worked.

Of course, the process didn’t run smoothly all the way … Continue reading



It’s the 11th already? Time flies …

I’m sorry. All I can say is that I am terribly busy with French right now. I had my oral exam on the third and got 19 out of 20 points – basically for trying to talk nonstop. My French teacher remembers that I am a grad student (which is easy, as I am the only one in class, and I don’t think it’s so common that people show up in a language course just for fun), and I already knew that I was knee-deep in sh… when he asked me again what my dissertation was about and then smiled and brightly said: “Great! So what exactly are the differences between Lutherans and Anabaptists?”

But, as I said – I was fine in the end. He took into account that I didn’t know the theological vocabulary (which I will learn for my next course. I’ll come prepared.) and he said my pronunciation was good (yay!) and that I really made an effort to speak and that he could understand me despite my grammatical mistakes (I will work on them.)

So, my written exam is on the 16th, and I am studying, writing vocabulary cards, revising grammar and tomorrow and the weekend will be spend on (re-)doing the homework we had in the course. We’ll see how it goes …

Anyway. I left you with this!
Irown-Wrought Cables 05

Shall we see how it looks now? ๐Ÿ™‚

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Starting the Year with a Sweater

Alright, so I tried to get a witty, funny entry to this post, but it will not come.

So I’ll just start jabbering, like I do most of the time anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the last few blogposts, I have shown you some pictures of a new sweater I started in January. One of my resolutions for 2016 is that I want to use up the sweater quantities of yarn that I have and knit them up into – well, sweaters. Or cardigans. I want to make at least two, and finish my Amiga cardigan as well (I am determined to have it done by the end of February. Really).

Iron-Wrought Cables 01

Since I am always a bit er, hesitant to try out new things, I grabbed the opportunity by the tail when I got sorted into Ravenclaw House in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC, I still explain it, sorry). As in the books, you can “sit” for an OWL in every class – starting in your first term. All the classes have different goals – you have to represent the planets and stars in Astronomy, knit extensive lace charts for Charms, knit something multicoloured for Potions, etc., etc.

I opted for an OWL in Muggle Studies, which means that I have to knit a long-sleeved, adult-sized sweater within two to three months.

The choice fell pretty quickly on the Sandhurst Jumper, a beautiful freebie by Artesano Yarns (they have quite a few. Worth clicking on that link).

Sandhurst Swatch 001
Extensive swatching followed. The pattern tells you to get a gauge of 20sts and 26 rows to 10cm (4″), but of course, I won’t get gauge, and so I ended up with

  • 18,6 sts and 30,1 rows (4,0mm needle, as requested by pattern)
  • 19,16 sts and 30,43 rows (3,5mm needle)
  • 20,26 sts and 32,3 rows (3,0mm needle)

Just to be clear, we’re talking DK weight yarn here. My panic rose when I got some actual measurements of my body and realised that a 90 cm bust would be 3 cm to small, unless I chose to wear the sweater without a bra and top underneath (totally the best option for work. Ever).

A call for help in the Tower (the Ravenclaw group) and the incredible help of my fellow ‘claws (I’m talking the talk already), I set off with a 3,5mm needle and the knowledge that I would have to do some adjustements according to the rows.

At first, it went pretty well.

Iron-Wrought Cables 01

I managed to do a decent Provisional Cast On, using a second cable needle instead of scrap yarn (I have no idea who came up with this, but: Thank you. You’re a genius!), and I used a lifeline after every single cable repeat.

Iron-Wrought Cables 02

I succeded in knitting evenly enough so that the finished cable band looked fine

Iron-Wrought Cables 04

and even managed to get a somewhat decend join of both ends for the back.

Iron-Wrought Cables 03

Picking up the stitches was a bit of a drag – you slip the edge stitches on the right and the left in every RS row, so picking up 264 sts when I only had 320 sts to pick up from was a bit of a drag. In the end, another fellow ‘claw took pity on me and posted thisย excellent link to a post from TECHknitting about how to pick up stitches and usingย backward loops for almost invisible increases (thanks again!). Going all EZ-style here …

Since myย  calculations (or rather: Our calculations; Philipp helped me) told me that the neck would be shorter than the original pattern (due to my smaller row gauge), we somehow calculated that I was missing to rows and spread these evenly among the “decrease one stitch per pattern repeat / knit 1 round” section, so that I knit two plain rows instead of one in round 2, 6, 10 … You get the idea.

Irown-Wrought Cables 05

And so I ended up with this today. Well,ย  “last night” would be more accurate, because I tried the sweater on this afternoon – and it sagged. Horribly.

So rip it, rip it, rip it was what I did, and now I am re-knitting the neck decreases without the additional plain rounds and I see how that goes. I am not that mad, though – rather glad that I put the sweater on before finishing it and binding off and then having to discover that it didn’t fit.

I might have to do it again. But then, I’ll do additional rounds and knit with a 3,0mm needle.
We’re talking DK weight, after all.


Have a wonderful start into the week, my friends! Thank you so much for your patience and take care!


A Private Party on the Couch

Two more hours. Then 2015 will be history.

The original plan for tonight was me getting up in the morning baking muffins with buttermilk and berries, and Philipp checking our raclette-set. At about half past four, we would have gotten into the car to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends of ours.

Weihnachtssocken 15
Except … Continue reading