Becoming friends

Hi there!

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On Socks and Drinking Habits …

… Because I knew that everybody would read that. :mrgreen:

I hope that everybody is having a great weekend? I didn’t have a lot of free time so far: Friday and Saturday afternoon were both spent at my parents’, where my mum gave me a cooking course (two, actually). It worked well, I now have her recipes for fried potatoes (made in the oven with olive oil, bacon and an onion!), a REALLY great roast (Saturday) and savoy stew (Friday). It was great fun! I can cook, but not that many dishes, mostly because I don’t see a point in cooking LOADS of food if you’re living alone and don’t have any real space for cooking! If anybody would like to get the recipes, gimme a shout!

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Coal and Steel and Steam

Hello everybody! 😀

I hope you’re fine and everything is okay in your part of the world? Of course I know about the crisis in the US and I do hope that it will be over soon and that those of you who are affected by it get through this  time!!!

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So proud

Wow. THAT was a busy day! Our local football club is playing this Friday, and people have been coming in for tickets since the day the new season started.

Also, a biggish music festival starts this Friday, so we’ve been selling a ton of tickets, too … I do love my job, but man, was I happy to sit down, eat a piece of almond chocolate and relax! 😉

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Two Swirl Hats! or Reflecting on What I’ve Learnt

Hi folks! 😀

Since today is already the 26th, I solemnly swear … That this is the second-last posting in which I’ll be bragging about my knits for the food bank. For a while. 😉 No, honestly – the things I want to/ »have to« knit are stapling here. Today’s posting will be divided into two parts. Huh? Well, without further ado:


I’ve finished the two little swirl hats! That’s right – two. I had finished the first, but figured that I had just about half of the ball left (or 1 third? Yes, probably 1 third …), so I decided to make a smaller one in addition.

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