Flash your stash 2016! (Pictures. Many Pictures)

I’m screwed.

Today, the weather was quite nice and we had a clear sky and even a bit of sun, so I grabbed the opportunity to flash my stash and pulled out all the boxes and plastic bags and WIPs and odds and ends and made a royal mess in the living room.

As a reminder, this is last year:

Stash 2014
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Aaaand …. done!


Weihnachtssocken 12

I’m done! At about a quarter past 11pm, the socks were done and thus, I have finished all of my Christmas knitting for 2015! Yay! More info (and better photos) will follow after Christmas, when he will be allowed to wear and model the socks. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Continue reading

Small Gifts

Hi there!Jule the Cat

Man, that took a long time. Don’t you hate it when there is nothing much wrong with you, but you simply feel worn out and sleepy? Last week was like that again – on Friday, I felt too tired and groggy to go to the library (!), so I went to the doc again to make sure I didn’t catch bronchitis. Good news: No bronchitis. Bad news: The cold simply hadn’t worn off yet. Argh … I didn’t have to call in sick again, though, and so I spent yet another weekend on the couch, with lots of knitting, a new game for my DS (“Golden Sun – The Dark Descent”) and (since I didn’t have any new library books) Elizabeth Gilbert’s “The Signature of All Things”.

Rest was only interrupted on Saturday, when we went to E.’s birthday party.

Apart from the book she had asked for (a crime novel – E. will read just about anything if it contains corpses, a detective and gruesome murder), I had a surprise present in store.

The Blueberry Shawl.

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Current WIPs: Variatio delectat!

Hi there!

15-stitch blanket 14

Somehow, I am seeming to fall into a bit of a hiatus, huh? Well, blame it on the cold I caught this week – it had been developing since the week before, I felt chilly every now and then, slept more than I usually do … So I went to the doctor’s on Thursday and he told me to stay home, drink lots of tea and keep warm. Next week will be in full swing with my French course starting again (yay!) and lots of work and a Birthday/Halloween-Party to go to … Lots of stuff to do!

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Three Little WIPs :)

Hi all!

Did you have a good Pentecoste weekend? Ours was very quiet … On Sunday, we met at my grandparents’ for coffee and strawberry cake and went out for dinner… Today, I sat down at midday and did some serious work on my dissertation stuff and my French homework (only eight weeks until the exams!).

The FOs are piling up here, but I wanted to give you a quick update about what’s on my needles now (and we can always get back to that FO pile).

First of all, I dug deep in my UFO pile and finally managed to extract The Cardigan.

Amiga Cardigan 02
This picture isn’t accurate any more (oh man …), the back is finished (who’d believe that?!?) and the right sleeve has reached the middle of my underarm (I promise). I plan to finish this before 2020. Hopefully it will still fit me then. We’ll see …

The next WIP is gonna be a present. Meet Rabbit!

Hรคschen 1 01
Here is Rabbit, still in his Frankenstein-state … I slipped the first stitch every row while knitting the small parts and I don’t know whether this was such a good idea, to be honest. I think I’ll have to reknit everything, but we’ll see … The plan is to finish Rabbit and make a friend for him and give them away as a wedding present, but I’ll see how it goes. Maybe Rabbit will be simply a prototype. Sorry, Rabbit.

The third WIP was made out of a whim. You see, a couple of days ago, Lionberry (a really beautiful shawl) was added to ravelry and since I somehow couldn’t bare working on that right sleeve anymore and I had this yarn sitting in my stash, waiting patiently to be knit up into something after a not-mentioned desaster …

Lana Grossa Lace Merino 03
I got it out of The Box and cast on right away.ย So far, it’s going fine:

Blueberry 01
70% of the shawl are done (I forgot to take a photograph in time but will get another one, maybe tomorrow?) and it will be truly beautiful. The pattern calls for fingering weight, but this is laceweight on a 3,5mm needle. Maybe it will be a bit smaller, but we’ll see … This is Merino yarn and it should grow a bit after washing.

I’m getting back to you soon and hope your week starts of great!

Lots and lots of love!!
Julia ๐Ÿ˜€

P.S.: I have been thinking about my blogging (o rather: lack of blogging) lately and I think that it’s also got to do with the fact that I started to go running three times a week since mid-February. The reason for this is simply this (the reason for starting to go running): I sit on my behind too much. Working on my dissertation: Sitting at my desk. Working on my job: 80%-95% sitting at a desk. Knitting and watching Let’s Plays and listening to music … Yeah. Exactly. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Since too much sitting around is bad for your health (you can even die from sitting around! Imagine that! You’re gonna die (but only) if you sit around! Oh man …) and I hadn’t done any sports in ages, running was easy to get into. So there.

Since I run in the evenings, I am often quite tired afterwards … And I tend to blog on evenings as well. Well, I’m working on a better routine for me, I miss talking to you folks! ๐Ÿ™‚

A Sneak Peak …

… from the blocking board …

Sacred Landscape 05

I still have to weave in some ends, but then it is done and can be photographed! ๐Ÿ˜€

And just in case anyone remembers this:

Fairy Shawl 01

This beauty made it to the blocking board as well … Finally. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, an UFO has landed … Pictures will follow later.


Love ya, folks! I’ll talk to you soon this week!

Julia ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s A Kind of Madness …

It’s A Kind of Madness …. It’s A Kind of Madness … It’s A Kind of Madness …

Lacey Lamb

What do you do when you have lost your knitting mojo and are super-frustrated, because the lace-shawl you wanted to knit for yourself doesn’t work out no matter what and the sock you wanted to knit your beloved man looks like you’re dating the devil, because it’s fit for a hoof?


You sign up for a test knit.

For a lace shawl.

With lace in every row.

Sacred Landscape 02

Now, if you knit lace in every row, there is one rule that has to be obeyed. Just one, but it is important. Listen up, everybody! I’m gonna tell you about the rule.

Do not anger The Chart.

You anger The Chart if you talk loudly about how easy the pattern repeats are, how easy it is to read your knitting and if you pay too much attention to any episode of “A Game of Thrones” or a Let’s Play. Books are completely out of the question – you do not read while you’re knitting The Chart.

If you anger The Chart, you will have to tink back several rows and get completely lost as you stumble over several yarn overs and mess up right- and left-leaning decreases, because you lose the ability to differenciate between a “k2tog” and a “sl1,k1,pull slipped st over knit st” which changes every row, because you knit lace in every row.

And yes, you have to tink. Frogging is no option, because there is lace in every row.

To spice things up a bit, the shawl consists of a border (which is knit first) from which approximately 300 sts are picked up (I don’t know how many exactly, I’m not there yet). These 300+ sts form the body of the shawl, which is then shaped with short rows and embellished with a beautiful picture of a tree(!) in front of a moon in the middle.

The designer (who is Finnish) even wove a story into the construction of the shawl: As you knit the border, you travel through the many fjords of Finland, with the Northern Lights dancing above your head. In the middle of the body, you can see the full moon – and in the middle of the moon, a tiny oak, a glandular (or dwarf) birch.

Since Finland has many, many fjords, you must travel far.

Each pattern repeat has 20 rows. And you have to knit 30 of them.

Repeats, that is.

And yes, that is 600 rows of knitting the same pattern again and again but with the omnipresent awareness that you must not anger The Chart, because there is (all together now!) lace in every row.

Sacred Landscape 01

I am a bit further than when I took this picture. By now, I have finished 23 pattern repeats and got close to the 24th. Only 140 more rows to go until I get to pick up stitches.
Have a wonderful weekend, folks!

Julia ๐Ÿ˜€


P.S.: If you didn’t catch the title: It’s Queen! Only different.

P.P.S.: I love the shawl. And the yarn. The combination is great. Promise.