Cabled Birthday Socks for Gran

I made it! The socks were done in time and I didn’t have to stress and stay up until 3am and … I made it. 🙂 Hooray.

Bly Socken 06

Low and behold, these are the socks I made my gran for her 83rd birthday. As I already told you, I Continue reading


Current WIPs: Variatio delectat!

Hi there!

15-stitch blanket 14

Somehow, I am seeming to fall into a bit of a hiatus, huh? Well, blame it on the cold I caught this week – it had been developing since the week before, I felt chilly every now and then, slept more than I usually do … So I went to the doctor’s on Thursday and he told me to stay home, drink lots of tea and keep warm. Next week will be in full swing with my French course starting again (yay!) and lots of work and a Birthday/Halloween-Party to go to … Lots of stuff to do!

Because I didn’t feel Continue reading