Welcome Presents

Do you remember when I told you that E. is going to be a mother at the end of August?

Meadow Baby Blanket 02
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A Change of Plan

Hi all! 😀

If you remember this post, I told you about my intention to knit a little sweater with a Totoro on it for the newborn daughter of one of Philipp’s colleagues.

Wolle Rödel Siena weiß Wolle Rödel Siena blaugrau

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Welcoming (the) Jacket

Hello everybody!


I hope you are all well – I am sorry for my longish absence, but although I didn’t have to work last week, there was much to do and I really didn’t get to writing any blog entries.

I have been to the library a lot and I managed to get some studying done for my dissertation – it was demanding, but so worth it! I love doing this and although it is sometimes hard to concentrate for 3-4 hours straight, I am so calm and happy when I have finished summarising another chapter or read another relevant article – one step closer! 😀

So – this is where we left off last WIP-Wednesday, right?

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WIP-Wednesday: A Welcoming Jacket

N. is probably my oldest friend.

We have known each other since before kindergarden. We sat next to each other in Primary school, went to the same Secondary school (and sat in the same class) and graduated together. We were friends and had rows and were friends again, and somehow this is a friendship we both now will continue … forever. 😀 Continue reading

Attention, Attention!

On Friday, I started a new testknit for KnitByBit Designs:

I grabbed my ball of Drachenwolle “Limette” that still sat in my stash recovering from this desastrous project … and cast on happily.

I knit and knit and knit and knit and knit … until yesterday.

I had finished gusset and heel was ready to knit in the round again.

So I decided to try on the sock.

It was too long by half an inch and looked fit for a clown. Of course, I hadn’t noticed the too-long foot while knitting and knitting and knitting …

So today I ripped everything out and am ready to start again. Yaaaaay …..

And THEN …

THEN there is the baby cardigan (ravelry link) I am knitting for the first child of my oldest friend.

I started this a while ago and made a few changes to the pattern, with Anna’s help from my knitting group (knitting this in one piece, not in three single ones that would need to be sewn together).

So far, it worked beautifully …

…. That is, until yesterday.

Yesterday, the whole family met at my grandparents’, and I showed gran my progress:

Mark the super-professional "stretching"  tools!

Mark the super-professional “stretching”

And my gran looked at pattern and then at the cardigan and suddenly said: “Erm … Julia? The leaves are supposed on the OUTSIDE of the fronts … not close to the backpiece … ”


Can anybody please tell me what happened to my attention?!?


Lots of love to you all! Take care!
Julia 😀