At the Moment …

Hi friends,

I hope you are well!! Once again, I wanted to blog earlier this week, but at the moment …

  • I’m super stressed because of #thecurrentsituation. Our politicians made the horrible decision to lift some of the restrictions in spite of the rising numbers, because “you have to take into account that we are vaccinating now”. The medical experts and scientists have already said that at this rate, we WILL have to close everything down come Easter, but we will have a lot more people who have died by then. I do not get this decision. At all. Germany has a large number of elections coming up this year though (with the big election in September), so this might be … don’t ask.
  • I am halfway through the second sock!

I totally love the socks, and I am actually past the heel now and started the gusset decreases – but since there are two video conferences in the upcoming week, I thought I’d save the sock for those.

  • I am watching a lot of art tutorials to cope, especially Kritzelpixel’s wonderful channel (in German, youtube link). She is funny, knows her stuff, her videos are SO informative, and I have learned a lot. I discovered that I do have a box of coloured pencils (good ones even!), and so I have been spending some time trying them out for real. (I also learned that I was never taught how to TRULY colour with them for some weird reason. We don’t learn this in school!)
  • I am trying to finally finish the chapter. Editing takes longer than I thought, also because I have trouble concentrating (which is why I haven’t read a lot either). I also may or may not have bought felt-tip pens. Ahem.
  • I cast on a new sweater for myself! After swatching again for the Haiku cardi, I discovered that my gauge was a little off (too big), but that I didn’t get row gauge in the slightest, which is really important for this garment (you need 23 rows to 10cm and I have 28. That is very off).
  • Because I didn’t get gauge with the Haiku cardi and didn’t have the headspace to recalculate, but really liked the fabric I was getting, I browsed for alternatives, and found Angela Hahn’s Gibson (this is a link to the knitty site!). Gibson is a raglan cardigan with lace sleeves and very pretty and I don’t have enough yarn, so I will have to order three or four more skeins, and my stitch gauge is WAY OFF as well (I have 17.5sts to 10cm instead of the required 19sts), but I found out that I can make the medium size (38.75″) and end up with a regular or slightly oversized fit, which will hopefully look good.

I started the sweater on Friday and it is so addictive. Really. I am absolutely in the “just one more row” zone, the fabric is still playing nice so far *knocks on wood*, and I am a big fan of the colour.

This is a closeup of the lace section, it looks REALLY good, and I only have six more rounds to knit before I can put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn. The cardigan is also the reason why I didn’t blog yesterday, as I intended to (I told ya. The “Just One More Row”-Zone is real).

I will try to be in touch again earlier next week, and I really hope that the stress levels decline! (Apart from that, I’m fine, really.) Have a wonderful Monday, sweet people, and sleep well tonight!

Lots of love,

9 thoughts on “At the Moment …”

  1. Love the start of your new sweater!

    We are experiencing the same rollbacks of restrictions here in the States. What makes it so infuriating is that numbers were finally starting to go down. I think it’s become very clear that to some people, making money is more important than people’s lives.

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    1. Yes, THIS!! THIS! The numbers were FINALLY going down and that does NOT mean that you open everything up, that means that stuff is finally working and … ah well. Well. It’s not like I wanted to go on a big shopping tour anyway any time soon, so I’ll sit it out.


  2. Oh, I get you on the stress! We’re in the same boat. Both the island and the Netherlands have elections this month and it seems they let that weigh in into their decisions. The island has been doing really good for a while, but numbers are rising again now (I think a combination of illegal Carnaval festivities and more tourists because of spring vacation). I try really hard to find my own way to keep safe and not to stress about it too much, but it’s hard.
    Way to go on the socks! And that sweater looks great. I’m finally back into knitting (let’s not jinx it…) and I really want to make myself a sweater. I do like this one, but maybe the lace is a bit too much for me right now.

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    1. MAGGIE, what a joy to hear from you!! I hope that you can find a way to stay safe, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, and for your family in the Netherlands as well!

      If you think the lace might be too overwhelming, maybe you will like the look of “Iced” and “Amica”? Both are knitting patterns, too, and Hahn states them as inspirations for her design. They are knit with cotton or linen, so it might be just the thing for you!


  3. Yep, I totally get you! The governor is suddenly like – ok all restaurants and houses of worship and stuff can open at full capacity again! And I’m just like umm… no thanks. Last night at a church meeting we were talking about if we could be back together by the time of a congregation wide meeting in April. And I had to be like – well nope, maybe you all will be but I’m still virtual until I get vaccinated, which will not be in April (I can’t even make a vaccination appointment until May 3). I don’t care what the governor says, I’m still not comfortable!
    Your knitting looks great! Hopefully you can finish off the socks this week on your conference calls. I totally agree with the “one more row” zone, sometimes this causes me trouble because my sweater rows can take like… 30 minutes, especially if it’s complicated!

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    1. I’m so glad that you can get vaccinated in May! (I will … PROBABLY be able to make an appointment in … autumn? Like, October, November …? Maybe? Vaccinating is super slow here, vor various reasons).

      I hope you are proud of you that you stood your ground! I think sometimes you can feel a little crazy, because so many people are so hyped to get “back to normal”.


      1. Oh wow! Yeah I mean I probably won’t get a vaccination until who knows when but starting May 3 in theory I’ll be able to schedule one. Connecticut has an aggressive vaccination plan which is now based soley on age (which I don’t necessarily agree with but eh, at least we’re moving forward quicky). May 3 is the last round of people (ages 16-34) so I imagine it will be REALLY backed up at that point.

        And yeah I do! A lot of members of my church are older so many of them have at least the first shot, several of them already have the second so I think they’re like “ok let’s go back now!” Since I’m in the last wave I have to remind people there are young people in the church too!

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