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Story: Road Trip. A Story, or a Dream

(This is not about yarn, but I wrote a small story today, and I’d like to share it with you. Enjoy! Feedback is always welcome. 😉 Yarny stories will follow.)

Road Trip. A Story, or a Dream.

I want to sit next to you. In the car.
We both in the front, you at the wheel.
Just us.

We’re not talking much. You point at the stereo.
“Can I turn it off?”

We drive in silence.
Comfortable silence, not the kind where you are trying to make conversation, searching for words, trying to communicate, frantically grabbing random words from the shelves of your brain and stuffing them into your mouth only to watch them tumble out again.
Good silence.

I love to know you beside me.
Sharing this same spot on the planet with me.
It’s not like in the stories – I don’t get a whiff of your aftershave, my perfume doesn’t blend in with the smells in the car. Our scents don’t mix. They don’t need to.

The road goes on.
The car is warm.

“Did you ever-”
You don’t look at me, eyes on the road, the sound of your voice fills the car and my ears, and now we are talking movies, talking books, talking music, talking about whatever comes to our minds, and just as the silence before, the flow of words that runs between us now feels good; natural.
We are stringing words, like pearls, weaving, not a web to entangle us, but a tapestry of sounds that binds our cores closer together and that, as we both know, will keep us warm much later.

We turn the music on.

Lunch is at a small diner, somewhere. We both eat sandwiches, salad, and share a plate of fries.
Again, we’re not talking much. You buy yourself a beer.

When we get back to the car, we switch seats.
You look out of the window, lost in thought – and then you look at me, ask me a question, I answer.
We’re working on the tapestry again.

Night falls.
You are asleep, in the passenger seat, head tilted back, arms crossed in front of your chest. I smile, and turn down the volume of the radio.

We will stop at a motel, later, and we will talk and we’ll eat, and we’ll drink, and we might watch some stupid TV show, and I will write and fall asleep, curled up on my bed, and when I wake up, in the middle of the night, you will be there, in the bed beside me, sleeping. Or you might still be up, watching TV, sports.

The next day, it’s your turn to drive.


© Julia Müller, 28.01.2018


2 thoughts on “Story: Road Trip. A Story, or a Dream

    • Thank you so much!! I’m really happy you liked it. 🙂 (And yes, it’s true, dreams are sometimes great inspiration although this particular one came from a feeling) 🙂

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