For the New Year

I wish you peace.

I hope that you are happy, and that you are content with what you have. I hope that the people you love are well, that there won’t be many worries next year, that you sleep well, always have enough to eat and that you are in a safe place where you feel good. I hope that you stay healthy and that, if not, you recover speedily.

May you always have enough time for the things you love.
Whether you write, draw, paint, craft, knit, spin, crochet, or create otherwise, I hope that you find inspiration and joy in your work, and that you get recognised and praised for it. I wish you lots of good ideas, lots of Flow, and sleepless nights which are spent doing what you love and which leave you exhausted, but happy.

I wish you confidence – in yourself, in your work, in your life. I hope that the people around you treat you with kindness, and I wish you nerves of steel when you need them, a kind heart and inner strength if you have to forgive someone. I hope that, if you screw up, people forgive you, too.

I hope that you will find, that, if you are unhappy with something in your life, you have the strength and the courage to change it, and I wish you the power to look upon yourself with love and goodwill and with a sprinkle of humour, because sometimes we all need that.

2016 was a wild ride. I hope that we can show that hatred won’t win, that love and respect are not signs of weakness, but of strength, and that we will all look back on 2017 next year and say: “Wow, that was pretty good, overall.”

Happy New Year, everybody.