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Welcome Presents

Do you remember when I told you that E. is going to be a mother at the end of August?

Meadow Baby Blanket 02

Well, everything worked out fine, and on the 23rd of August, she gave birth to AJ, a really beautiful, ginger-haired(!) baby girl who is absolutely cute (at least from what I have seen on pictures; we are to meet soon though).


Being a mum has been a huge, huge (but happy) change for E. and while we haven’t spoken on the phone since August (!), we are still close, communicating through texts, and pictures, and parcels and cards.

I know that I have loved working on this blanket. Although it was summer, the weather wasn’t as hot, and although the pattern wasn’t one of the most interesting ones, I found the size of the stockinette squares big enough to keep me interested and easy enough to knit on while watching Let’s Plays or reading.


After the blanket was done (I knit it on commute for a while, but you can’t carry a blanket around forever), I was a bit worried that it wasn’t big enough for the baby (or only useable for a very short time). Then my mother reminded me that baby blankets in general do not have to be huge – they can still serve as playmats for later, or add some additional warmth in a stroller when the kid is too big for the pram.


So I gave the yarn a good wash in the washing machine (and what can I say – this yarn is awesome. I washed it at 30°C with normal soap (as E. will do and probably has done), and it came out absolutely fine) and blocket it only a bit.

Happy with my result, I bundled it up


and added three tiny presents for the girl:

Two tiny pairs of socks, made from leftover yarn:

new-arrival-socks-03Tiny Fairy Feet

and a wee little hat with ears, made from leftover Angora wool:


It didn’t look like a lot (well, apart from the blanket), but there was a card, and (finally!) two presents for E. and her husband, containing the potholders I knit them for Christmas in the colours of their favourite soccer clubs:

Topflappenset 04

We had also bought a card to go with it all, and so I carried the parcel to the post office.


It was a hit, apparently. After receiving a really enthusiastic text from E., saying thank you and showing me a picture with AJ wearing the hat (please don’t be concerned about the Angora), I realised that it didn’t fit at all. (Baby heads are huge). So I sat down with leftover sock yarn, and when it was E.’s birthday, the parcel I send to her not only included her presents (a calendar, a notebook, a card, and tea), but also a new little hat:

Which fits her perfectly.

I know, I have said, I wanted to knit more for myself – but she is so smitten with what I have send her, and AJ apparently loves her socks, the blanket and the hat (which fits fine, by the way -phew!), that I am definitely contemplating knitting more tiny socks and maybe a cardigan.

2016, while troublesome, definitely had its good sides. 🙂


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