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Soothing colours


Hello there … is anybody here?


Two months of silence lay behind me, and I have to say that, while I have been writing and knitting a lot, I have played hermit again and haven’t set a foot in the realm of blogs (I sneaked in here and there to read a few articles, though, so if you caught a draft on your blog, that might’ve been me).

The reasons for the silence are numerous: Since April, I have been working two jobs, and while one of them (which is at the University) requires not so much attention all the time, the last two months were busier, and the first job – well let’s just say that my boss cancelled two shifts for me in December, because I would have had way too many extra hours to take over to January. The dissertation gets worked on, it is  a slow, but steady process (with the emphasis on slow). In addition to that, a friend and I have been writing a fanfiction over the last couple of months (or rather, a fan play), and … well, we have written well over a thousand (1000!) pages (!!) so far (!!!). It’s great.

As I said, I knit a lot, and although I am knitting a pair of bright pink socks right now (no, they are not for me 😉 ), I seem to be drawn to a quieter colour palette than usually right now.

Although I still knit tons for other people (and my stash has still grown even more, more about that in another post), one of the last projects have been for me, and they have gotten tons of wear already: I dabbled in Fair Isle knitting again, and have knit myself a pair of Marroo Mitts (the link will take you to the pattern page). I wanted to knit these for a while, but after weighing my “leftovers” and discovering that I had about 750grams of them, I collected three colours that I thought went well together and set to work:
maroo-mittens-04I really love how they have turned out. I knit these with 2,5mm needles and decided to go for the 48 stitches-size, because I have quite slender wrists. Knitting the arm section took ages (I swear), but the fair isle part flew by (and I was surprised how quickly I got back into the flow of knitting with one colour in each hand). All in all, the mittens used up 44 grams: 38grams of blue, 2 grams of grey and 4 grams of white. I love them to pieces and I am especially fond of the fact that, instead of casting on extra stitches for the thumb section, you get to pick up stitches and knit them! This is so. much. neater. than slopping around with the thumb CO.The project that somehow “started” the soothing colours spree was a Knit Along in the summer term of the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup, and although I haven’t been a fan of cowls so far, I really like this one a lot.headmistress-challenge-05As you can see, the cowl consists of three disctinct pattern sections, all divided by garter stitch stripes (please never mind that my gauge was off). I learned a couple of fun things while working on this (that cabling elongated stitches is a P in the A, but will look great later, for example). When I showed this to a friend of mine, she immediately said that it remined her of coffee and cream …headmistress-challenge-09and yes, she is definitely on to something there. 😉 I haven’t worn this much yet, but I can imagine that I will in the future! :)And last, but not least – I have knit a little hat:


This is my second attempt at the Little Fair Isle Hat (the pattern is a freebie by Purl Soho), and I am very happy to say that this time, I didn’t strange the poor yarn (I was afraid that I’d be knitting too loosely, to be honest, but so far, it has worked out fine in the end). I tend to weave in my floats every 3-4 stitches or so, and I spread out my stitches on every needle (I have found that I knit neater on DPNs when I knit fair isle then when using Magic Loop). This hat will go to AJ, who I knit the blanket for (I need to show you the blanket!) and who graced us with her presence at the end of August. 🙂 Everything went well I hope that the hat fits her and keeps her warm!
All the love, my friends! Take care, and enjoy Halloween (if you celebrate it)!
Julia XD


2 thoughts on “Soothing colours

  1. Lovely to see a post from you! All your projects are gorgeous, and I admire how you have still found the time to knit despite your two jobs and your dissertation!

    • Thank you so much!!! OMG I’M so happy that you took the time to respond! It means a lot to me that you like them (you have made some GORGEOUS socks out of that BFL, by the way!!). I knit on commute (although it is short) and in the evenings, when I don’t study or work anymore anyway, so I do get a bit of it done … Sundays are free for me as well, so I knitting happens as well. 😉

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