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Going Down

Slowly, but surely, this thing starts to look like a sweater …

Iron-Wrought Cables 14
This was the Sandhurstj Jumper’s state for a week or two, while I was busy knitting small dishcloths and tiny mittens and socks (I have knit another dishcloth, but this is not important now).

My stash of unused yarn grows smaller and smaller (let’s be honest, it would be weird otherwise), and by now, I am seriously growing anxious that … well, thatImightnothaveenoughyarn.

There. I said it. “Misto” is a seasonal yarn, as far as I know, and I bought it last June when it was on sale (I’m glad that I log stuff like that on ravelry. It’s damn handy). I don’t know whether they have it again already (I think it comes in anually), but even if not, I can ask whether they will still get it … Hopefully before June!

This is my current progress so far:

Iron-Wrought Cables 16
and I still think that it fits fine (I am a bit worried about the underarm seams, to be honest. I might pick up the stitches from the seams and knit a few more rows before closing the seams. Otherwise, I might not be able to lift my arms. While that may make me a great life-sized dummy for the sweater, it’s not really practical for work. Or … life).

This is the front:

Iron-Wrought Cables 15
And you can see the new “problem” that has emerged at the bottom of the photograph. I have hips. Not very broad hips, but they are there nonetheless. And that means that “knit 31cms without shaping” isn’t going to happen with this sweater. Thus, Philipp and me have looked at my upper hip measurements, and have calculated (well, to be fair – Philipp calculated it) that I have to increase about 40 stitches. So far, I am increasing every other row, two stitches left and two on the right, and then I have a mind to knit one or two plain rounds before I start the 4cm or ribbing.


The yarn. I might not have enough yarn.

And so I took one of the two balls I have left and started one of the sleeves … And then I will see how far I get with that. I might have to frog the swatch, but that’s no real problem. If all else fails, I am going to increase in every round, that would safe me yarn and would be faster.

So far, it’s looking good! What do you think, my friends?

Lots of love!
Julia 😀

5 thoughts on “Going Down

  1. it is a very nice sweater! I hope you have enough yarn! If you don’t, you can do a search on Ravelry to find others who have stashed the same wool. Maybe someone would sell you some? Also, a good idea to do the sleeves first – then you can just knit the body with all the yarn you have left, it might be “long enough” when you run out of yarn, even if not as long as you thought it would be.

    • thank you so much (and sorry it took me AGES to reply)!!
      The search on ravelry came up naught … nobody willing to part with it (understandable 😉 ).
      35rows on the first sleeve before I start the ribbing … let’s see how that goes … I’m worried (but it won’t help not to knit not to knit on the sweater, right? Yarn doesn’t multiply over time. 😉 )

  2. I love how Philip gets involved in your projects. That is so awesome! Salpal had a great idea to see if you could find some extra yarn being destashed on Ravelry. I think you will be about 2 balls short from what I can see of your description!

    • yes, he’s featuring a lot now … Probably too much (I am really sorry for that).
      Right now, I hope to finish the first sleeve as soon as possible … I will most likely rip the body increases out and increase every row, and then I’ll see how that goes … So far, no additional stash in sight (I will have a look at the online shop tomorrow, too – the LYS probably won’t get it again, I talked to the owner last week).

      But that only prooves what the Yarn Harlot wrote in “At Knit’s End”: The smaller the possibility to get more of a certain yarn, the higher the possibility that you will run out of yarn mid-project. 😉

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