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Shape it, Baby!

It’s coming along, it’s coming along!

The Sandhurst Jumper is on its way, I can say that much. After being a bit baffled about the setup instructions for the separate parts (you basically start knitting front, back and the separate sleeves one after another, gradually increasing until you have a certain stitch size. Then you put the sts on waste yarn, cut the thread and move on to the next part), I just did what I was told, and it worked.

Of course, the process didn’t run smoothly all the way … This was the first attempt to move on the the first sleeve stitches. As you can see, I already put the stitches for the back on waste yarn (no, they’re not just hanging in thin air 😉 ), and was ready to move on.

Iron-Wrought Cables 09
Before I did this, I glanced at the stitches. “Funny that a piece that’s 94 sts wide looks so narrow”, I thought, “maybe I should count it all again.”

Iron-Wrought Cables 10
“NAAH. It will be fine.”

I started to work on the first sleeve, but after 20 stitches or so, I noticed a little weird gap in my knitting.

It looked like … A short row?

Iron-Wrought Cables 11

YES! Indeed, it did!
Because it WAS a short row!
Do you see the this extra ridge on the needles, right next to me finger? Yes?
Great – because that was the right length of the back piece.

Apparently, I had (for a reason that is now unknown to me) decided that a little bit of extra shaping would be nice, maybe about 20 sts or so before the original end of the back part.

Iron-Wrought Cables 12

And of course, I had already cut the thread to work the sleeve section.

But alright, alright, this wasn’t so bad – I ripped back, corrected my mistake, joined new yarn as it became necessary and made sure that I had the right amount of stitches for every following piece.

Iron-Wrought Cables 13
This is how it looks now – and I really like it. When I tried it on, I panicked a little, because it is a bit tight under the arms … But I can always increase more, or go up to a 4,0mm needle, if this is necessary. I have decided to leave the waste yarn in until I have knit enough of the body to determine if I have to rip back, and then we’ll see … But I will worry about that when I come to it.

Oh, and I also finished Philipp’s birthday socks!

Biotopia Socks 03
But you’ll have to wait until he is allowed to model them for better pictures – and the story behind it. (Yes. There is a story. Knitting them …. Ah no. I’ll tell you after Saturday.)
The weekend is almost there, my friends! Almost there! 🙂

Julia 😀


2 thoughts on “Shape it, Baby!

  1. interesting pattern for that sweater – it looks intriguing. I often have to just take a pattern on faith the first time I knit it, and do what it says without question. Once I see how it works, I might make changes to the second one. 🙂 Good idea to leave the waste yarn in place until you see if it fits, though. Aren’t you clever!

    • that’s definitely the smartest way to get at it (I mean, the designer DID put thought into the pattern). And yes, I’ve got my streaks of brightness … 😉 Teh-heh.

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