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It’s the 11th already? Time flies …

I’m sorry. All I can say is that I am terribly busy with French right now. I had my oral exam on the third and got 19 out of 20 points – basically for trying to talk nonstop. My French teacher remembers that I am a grad student (which is easy, as I am the only one in class, and I don’t think it’s so common that people show up in a language course just for fun), and I already knew that I was knee-deep in sh… when he asked me again what my dissertation was about and then smiled and brightly said: “Great! So what exactly are the differences between Lutherans and Anabaptists?”

But, as I said – I was fine in the end. He took into account that I didn’t know the theological vocabulary (which I will learn for my next course. I’ll come prepared.) and he said my pronunciation was good (yay!) and that I really made an effort to speak and that he could understand me despite my grammatical mistakes (I will work on them.)

So, my written exam is on the 16th, and I am studying, writing vocabulary cards, revising grammar and tomorrow and the weekend will be spend on (re-)doing the homework we had in the course. We’ll see how it goes …

Anyway. I left you with this!
Irown-Wrought Cables 05

Shall we see how it looks now? 🙂

As I told you, this is the upper part of the Sandhurst Jumper (link to pattern page). I think I ended my last post telling you that I had incorporated a few extra stockinette rounds to compensate my smaller row gauge and that I had to rip that out, because the sweater sagged so much …

After ripping everything out during knitting group, I sat down on Saturday night and started to reknit the yoke, this time following the pattern verbatim, i.e. decreasing every second round without making anything extra.

After you finish your increases, you put a very pretty border in, consisting of “k2tog, yo” throughout. This border is followed by twelve rows of stockinette stitch, six rows on smaller needles (for me, this meant going down to a 3,0mm needle) and then switching back to 3,5mm needles.

Iron-Wrought Cables 08

I had a smart moment and tried the sweater on again before binding everything off, and decided that I quite liked the new look – the sweater was a bit lose, but didn’t sag anymore. I still wanted to have the collar a bit higher, and Philipp suggested to simply add more decreases and then knit another few rounds of stockinette stitch on top of them. I pondered that for a while, but decided that I wanted to have the decreases finished before the border – so I ripped the yoke out again and continued to decrease until I had 110 instead of 130 sts.

Trying the sweater on on Sunday (early evening), I decided, that yes, this was it, and bound off (I didn’t use a special bind off here, I simply did it with a 4,0mm needle and it looks fine.

After that, I was ready to pick up the stitches for the bottom – and ended up with this:

Iron-Wrought Cables 07

I have to say that I love the sweater so far. It really isn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be – yes, ripping out wasn’t fun, but I’d rather “fail” my OWL (which means that I won’t have a finished sweater by the end of March) than end up with a sweater I do not want to wear (we don’t want a second Amiga Cardigan, do we, hem-hem).

Because I am a bit … oblivious, I totally lied about the fibre content, by the way! Sorry for that! The yarn isn’t 100% microfibre, but a cotton/polyacryl blend  (60% cotton, 40% polyacryl). While I can totally imagine that this makes some people shudder, I can only say that I love the fabric and the feel. The stitch definition is nice, and while this will probably not the warmest sweater ever,  it will be great for wearing indoors.

What follows now is only stockinette stitch. The first instructions are a bit weird  you knit each part separately and then pick it up again later to work on it. I thought about making bust darts or stuff like that, but maybe I’ll just see how the sweater will fit me and decide on the go if I make any small adjustments again.

Alright! I did LOTS of vocabulary today, so I’ll read a bit now, knit on the second of Philipp’s birthday socks and continue to knit on the back of the sweater … Have a great day, everybody! Talk to you very soon!

Julia 😀


4 thoughts on “Yo(ke)!

    • Thanks! 🙂 I hope it won’t grow to much during washing, but we’ll see how it goes. If all else fails, I’ll have a sweater for reading books and drinking tea in. 😉

    • thank you! 🙂 it is a great pattern, although it has a few quirks of its own (which isn’t all that bad, but I will mention it in my pattern notes). The description of the Provision CO is a bit weird, and I have knit from so many US patterns (which are very detailed) that I was a bit baffled not to be taken through the whole process step-by-step … Then again, working your brain is never a bad idea. 😉

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