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Flash your stash 2016! (Pictures. Many Pictures)

I’m screwed.

Today, the weather was quite nice and we had a clear sky and even a bit of sun, so I grabbed the opportunity to flash my stash and pulled out all the boxes and plastic bags and WIPs and odds and ends and made a royal mess in the living room.

As a reminder, this is last year:

Stash 2014
And thisthis is the 2015/2016 stash:

Stash 2015

W-O-W. This is really everything there is to say about it. I knew that I had a plus of about 2,5 kg, but seeing it all on the floor surely made an impact on me.
Before I laid everything out, I opened the stash pictures of last year on my laptop, so I could arrange the weights in a similar fashion – I think it’s always easier to compare then. Yeah … The stepladder was still high enough, but Philipp … erm … didn’t look quite so relaxed as last year. A bit more shocked, to be honest.

Shall we take a look? 😉

Let’s start with the fiber.

Fiber Stash

You saw a bit of this in the last post, but I decided to pull everything out again so your could see at the colours that I have. I think it’s quite interesting that I don’t have any blue fiber! Lots and lots of blue yarn, but no blue here …  In the top row, we have Jacob sheep (grey), Merino (red), BFL (green/yellow/purple), Coburger Fuchs and Southdown (purple). The bottom row holds Merino (green), Merino (white with orange and blue sprinkles), Merino (red/black/brown), Norwegian Woole (white), Irish wool (brown) and Australian Merino (brown/orange/red/yellow).

Nothing new in the handspun department … As I told you, I spun last year, but didn’t ply anything. This definitely has to change, I have so many WIPs …

Lace 2-ply
The lace yarn has seen a bit of change. Since I made the Blueberry Shawl and gifted the rest of my Lacey Lambspun, I only have the yellow cotton yarn on the left as an addition. The leftovers on the right and the bottom (not including the Lana Grossa lace yarn in purple on the left) hold about 400 metres each and I have already been searching for patterns for them.

This is acutally last year’sphoto of my 3-ply yarn. I photographed it, but didn’t realise it was unnecessary until I  opened last year’s post! I still have to knit it up and want to do so this year. Maybe it could become a shawl? Maybe Ascalon?

As last year, I’d like to safe the fingering weight for last … Let’s move on the the sports weight yarn.

Sport 5-ply
There are lots of additions in that group, mostly because there is now lots of cotton from my gran’s stash. The Kauni yarn is still there, but I also got lots of new Angora yarn:


and truth be told, I don’t have a really clever idea of what to do with it. A scarf maybe, or a shawl? Something that wouldn’t look too Christmas-sy?

Speaking of cotton, this is my current cotton stash:

Not everything is sports-weight here (the last row isn’t), but since there are quite a couple of odd balls, I have to see what to make with them. I’m not one to crochet much decoration, but maybe this is something I should look into … Also, baby clothing for charity came to mind.

The next would be the DK weight:

DK 8-ply
And this got a few additions as well. The yarn on the left is currently used for my Sandhurst Jumper now, so I am hoping that the numbers will dwindle here. The yarn on the right will probably become a hat and a cowl for charity.

Next is worsted weight:

Worsted Weight 10-ply
and I’m quite optimistic that I can use up a lot of this. The black and yellow yarn will become potholders, and there wasn’t much left from the white and blue yarn.

Since I put my only finished handspun in the “handspun” photo, there is only the Borkum yarn for the Aran weight photo:

Aran Weight
The yarn feels great, I just have to find a pattern – something that is indeed made for summer. We’ll see.

and now … fingering weight yarn.

Fingering 4-ply

Here we have it, in all its glory … Fingering weight still makes up the majority of my stash, there should be about 71 entries for it. Most of it is sock yarn, but some is intended for different stuff:

Fingering sonstiges
Lots of this will become mittens or shawls or a cowl. The yellow yarn in the back will maybe become a Pullover. The Holst yarn in the back was bought to make a Luna2, and it will be beautiful.

This is all the sock yarn. There has been quite a bit of change here, but some groups remain the same:

I still couldn’t bring myself to knit up some of these balls. On the top, there is “Sprinkles” (I want to pair it with the grey/white sock yarn you’ll see later to make Stitch Surfer Socks), in the middle, we have “Kiss in the Rain” and “Happiness”. The bottom row holds “Chili”, “Peach” and “Moments”.

The Ponderosa stash is still the same, I couldn’t bring myself to knit any of this up … Which is a bit stupid. I love the yarn, I have looked at patterns, but somehow, nothing has been “good enough” (as I said. Stupid). The colourways are “Birch”, “Michel aus Loenneberga” and “Honey-Almond” – the skein is “SexDrugs&RocknRoll”.

Zauberball und Drachenwolle und Handmaiden
This picture contains the only ball of “Drachenwolle” I have left (on the front, I’ll have to frog these sleeves), my two “Zauberbaelle”, the Handmaiden yarn Philipp brought me from his trip to Canada (has to be knit up, it’s way too gorgeous to sit here). The ball on the right is the one I want to pair up with “Sprinkles”.

sonstige Sockenwolle
Here, we have the rest of the “big” companies: The sock yarn on top on the right is new, I haven’t had a chance to photograph it yet (i.e. it wasn’t a priority while I was snot-nosed), but Philipp picked it (BEFORE New Year’s Eve, so it doesn’t count!) for a new pair of socks for himself. On the right, we have the Nurmilintu that didn’t work out, and the pink yarn was intended for Little M., but I’m not sure whether/when she’ll get it. We’ll see.

Sockenwolle Rödel
This is all the sock yarn I have from Wolle Rödel right now. It’s mostly leftovers from the Bunnies and Philipp’s gran’s shawl, but I LOVE the natural colours. Maybe I could use them all for one project, maybe a shawl?

Sweater Quantities
I also photographed the sweater quantities – and was a bit surprised that I will knit myself natural toned sweaters. 😉 I mean, I knew, but still. If I buy more sweater quantities (and don’t get me wrong, I love the grey and the brown!), I will throw in red and green, maybe an ice blue (suits my eyes and my complexion) and maybe a nice purple. But first, I’ll knit this up.

Last, but not least, we have the leftovers … Most of this stuff is going into the stashbuster blanket, but I have quite a bit that I want to work into socks or scrap socks. When the box will become too full, I’ll do someting about it. 😉

I forgot to take a picture of my scrap yarn jar, but I will do it during the next days and will add it to the bottom of the post. 😉
So … What did I learn?
Flashing my stash wasn’t so comfortable. Last year, I could still tell myself that I had “a lot, but I was okay”. This year, I realised that yes, I do have a lot and that I have lots of yarn that I “want to knit up” – so I should do that, instead of adding more and more and more to the pile. It was nice to handle everything, touch it and put it into place – I appreciate my yarn and realised that I had indeed plans for a lot of skeins and balls. I also got an opportunity to dust the boxes and sort them out, which will be very helpful.

Last year, I knit about 1,5-2 kg of yarn. Since I want to finish my Amiga and my new sweater, this will be more, but I really want to try and get to knit maybe 3 kg of yarn this year. If I can hold back a few purchases, this should be good …
So? What do you think? Any suggestions, patterns, etc.?

Have a lovely, lovely start of the week, my friends! Take care!

Julia 😀

7 thoughts on “Flash your stash 2016! (Pictures. Many Pictures)

  1. It’s all very lovely! I think thoughts about stash are very personal to each knitter. If you are uncomfortable with the amount of yarn you have, then you should knit it down, for your own happiness. But some of us enjoy having a lot of yarn (eg. me) and don’t feel guilty about how much there is. I don’t even count the odd balls or the scrap yarn as stash any more. 🙂

    • I whole-heartedly agree! I love looking at my friends’ stashes on ravelry, and I love at looking large amounts of yarn! Personally, I think that there is nothing wrong with having a large stash. I do find it a bit … sad when you reach SABLE (for everyone who doesn’t know what that is: It’s Stash Aquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) and there is not a chance that you will EVER knit up all of this lovely yarn you bought.

      But: To each their own. 🙂 What bugs me most is the numbers of plastic bags I have lying around. I’d like to fit everything into the three boxes again – and to be able to shop for yarn when I find something fancy, without having to think about all the great stuff I already have. It would give me more freedom, I think, plus, I can make a great haul on the handmade next year again! 😉

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