Starting the Year with a Sweater

Alright, so I tried to get a witty, funny entry to this post, but it will not come.

So I’ll just start jabbering, like I do most of the time anyway. 😉

In the last few blogposts, I have shown you some pictures of a new sweater I started in January. One of my resolutions for 2016 is that I want to use up the sweater quantities of yarn that I have and knit them up into – well, sweaters. Or cardigans. I want to make at least two, and finish my Amiga cardigan as well (I am determined to have it done by the end of February. Really).

Iron-Wrought Cables 01

Since I am always a bit er, hesitant to try out new things, I grabbed the opportunity by the tail when I got sorted into Ravenclaw House in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC, I still explain it, sorry). As in the books, you can “sit” for an OWL in every class – starting in your first term. All the classes have different goals – you have to represent the planets and stars in Astronomy, knit extensive lace charts for Charms, knit something multicoloured for Potions, etc., etc.

I opted for an OWL in Muggle Studies, which means that I have to knit a long-sleeved, adult-sized sweater within two to three months.

The choice fell pretty quickly on the Sandhurst Jumper, a beautiful freebie by Artesano Yarns (they have quite a few. Worth clicking on that link).

Sandhurst Swatch 001
Extensive swatching followed. The pattern tells you to get a gauge of 20sts and 26 rows to 10cm (4″), but of course, I won’t get gauge, and so I ended up with

  • 18,6 sts and 30,1 rows (4,0mm needle, as requested by pattern)
  • 19,16 sts and 30,43 rows (3,5mm needle)
  • 20,26 sts and 32,3 rows (3,0mm needle)

Just to be clear, we’re talking DK weight yarn here. My panic rose when I got some actual measurements of my body and realised that a 90 cm bust would be 3 cm to small, unless I chose to wear the sweater without a bra and top underneath (totally the best option for work. Ever).

A call for help in the Tower (the Ravenclaw group) and the incredible help of my fellow ‘claws (I’m talking the talk already), I set off with a 3,5mm needle and the knowledge that I would have to do some adjustements according to the rows.

At first, it went pretty well.

Iron-Wrought Cables 01

I managed to do a decent Provisional Cast On, using a second cable needle instead of scrap yarn (I have no idea who came up with this, but: Thank you. You’re a genius!), and I used a lifeline after every single cable repeat.

Iron-Wrought Cables 02

I succeded in knitting evenly enough so that the finished cable band looked fine

Iron-Wrought Cables 04

and even managed to get a somewhat decend join of both ends for the back.

Iron-Wrought Cables 03

Picking up the stitches was a bit of a drag – you slip the edge stitches on the right and the left in every RS row, so picking up 264 sts when I only had 320 sts to pick up from was a bit of a drag. In the end, another fellow ‘claw took pity on me and posted this excellent link to a post from TECHknitting about how to pick up stitches and using backward loops for almost invisible increases (thanks again!). Going all EZ-style here …

Since my  calculations (or rather: Our calculations; Philipp helped me) told me that the neck would be shorter than the original pattern (due to my smaller row gauge), we somehow calculated that I was missing to rows and spread these evenly among the “decrease one stitch per pattern repeat / knit 1 round” section, so that I knit two plain rows instead of one in round 2, 6, 10 … You get the idea.

Irown-Wrought Cables 05

And so I ended up with this today. Well,  “last night” would be more accurate, because I tried the sweater on this afternoon – and it sagged. Horribly.

So rip it, rip it, rip it was what I did, and now I am re-knitting the neck decreases without the additional plain rounds and I see how that goes. I am not that mad, though – rather glad that I put the sweater on before finishing it and binding off and then having to discover that it didn’t fit.

I might have to do it again. But then, I’ll do additional rounds and knit with a 3,0mm needle.
We’re talking DK weight, after all.


Have a wonderful start into the week, my friends! Thank you so much for your patience and take care!



Shortly in Between

Dear all,

I am sorry that I have kept quiet so long and haven’t even responded to the last comments – I am swamped with work and French (my oral exam is next Wednesday). I am sorry for this and will post this weekend!

In between, please enjoy a picture of tiny mittens instead of a regular blog post:

Tiny blueish hands

Lots and lots of love!

Julia 😀

Flash your stash 2016! (Pictures. Many Pictures)

I’m screwed.

Today, the weather was quite nice and we had a clear sky and even a bit of sun, so I grabbed the opportunity to flash my stash and pulled out all the boxes and plastic bags and WIPs and odds and ends and made a royal mess in the living room.

As a reminder, this is last year:

Stash 2014
And thisContinue reading

Resulting Resolutions

Happy New Year all! 🙂

I hope the first few days of the new year have brought nothing but joy for you, and many relaxing, happy moments.

I, for my part, cancelled each and every single weekend plan – I found it irresponsible to spread more germs around than necessary. Thus, I have neither been at knitting group (grrr) nor at my grandparents’ today, which was a real bummer – but, as you might recall, my grandparents are over 80, and even if they were younger, I wouldn’t want them to catch that.

So … Resolutions! This will be a pretty standard “start of the year” post, and lots of others are doing it, too – but please bear with mine, I have lots of pictures! Promise. 🙂

Stash 2016 01

Since I have started this blog, Continue reading