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A Private Party on the Couch

Two more hours. Then 2015 will be history.

The original plan for tonight was me getting up in the morning baking muffins with buttermilk and berries, and Philipp checking our raclette-set. At about half past four, we would have gotten into the car to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends of ours.

Weihnachtssocken 15
Except …except I have a swollen, hurting throat and I cough a bit and I’m tired. It seems to be the same thing that Philipp had from the 25th onwards, (he still hasn’t fully recovered).

So we called our friends and it turned out that she hasn’t fully recovered yet either (she caught it around the 25th as well) and he woke up this morning with a swollen, hurting throat (now doesn’t that sound familiar).

Weihnachtssocken 13

And so Philipp and me have spent the day here, on the couch. Our own, private New Year’s Eve party, with lots of knitting (me), reading (him and me), writing (me), Borderlands – The Pre-Sequel (him) … and waiting. Sitting here and enjoying each other’s company. We are both a bit disappointed that our time together was overcast by this damn cold, but you cannot help it and we have made the best of it, I hope.Weihnachtssocken 14

I finally photographed Philipp’s socks this morning, and we are both very happy with how the socks have turned out. (They are ravelled here, for anybody who’s interested in the stats).

Over the last few weeks, I have knit on a gigantic swatch – I am playing the Winter Term for the HPKCHC (I got sorted into Ravenclaw House! I am so excited!!) and want to make the Sandhurst Jumper as my first OWL (which is a project that takes about two to three months).

Sandhurst Swatch 001

The swatch was knit using 4,0mm (bottom), 3,5mm (middle), and 3,0mm needles (top). I AM going to use the 3,5mm needles to have a tiny bit of positive ease (1cm), but this is gonna be a wild ride, because my row gauge is WAY off (30,14 rows instead of 26) and the pattern is written by rows (be prepared. I feel lots of blog posts coming, hopefully they won’t all be rants).

I will take a peek at this yarn soon to determine whether they will make good Geek Socks:

Regia Monaco Color

and I will knit a little more on my Amiga Cardigan. This weekend, I am going to take it real slow; flash my stash, knit and read (we went shopping yesterday and I bought new sock yarn for Philipp, another ball of Wolle Rödel’s “Siena” yarn and three(!) more books of the Witcher series).

2015 has been a somewhat strange year for me. There were lots of disappointments and lots of curve balls (the failing attempts to get funding, the job I didn’t get, stress at work, private stuff), but there also has been lots of time to reflect on myself and how I respond to others and how I treat myself because of them. There were very good moments, too: I presented my dissertation survey thrice, and it went very well every time. I started to learn French, and have made really good progress. I signed myself up as a “Story Reader” (“Lesepate” in German) in my local library, and this is going to be a really fun adventure I think. I knit some cool stuff, I read a WHOLE LOTTA good books – and I met some wonderful new people.

I have made a couple of resolutions for myself – lots of them fall into the “knitting and spinning” category, but some concern me personally, and I am going to tell a bit more about them (hopefully this week, but we’ll see). In 2016, Philipp and me will turn 30, and my father will turn 60, and we will have a small marriage in our family (No. Not us. 😉 ), and I am quite curious about what the next year will have in store for me.

For now, I’d like to say: Thank you.

Thank you so much for reading my blog posts, for liking them, and commenting on them. Thank you for your support, because it means a lot to me, having this little space here in the World-Wide-Web where I can share thoughts and rambles, silly stuff and questions, rants and raves. And it is a big thing and a great comfort for me that you are reading them and that you are even coming back for more.

This blog is turning five next summer, and I can’t quite believe it. I have met wonderful people and made great friends, I have seen so much creativity and kindness and art in these last four years of blogging, it’s amazing. Blogging (and exchanging thoughts about knitting) has changed me, given me more self-esteem and has been a wonderful experience so far.

I do hope that you will have nothing but peace next year. May you and your loved ones always be in good health and spirits, and may your have lots of opportunities to laugh. May your swatches always be spot-on, your knitting flawless, your creative mind never boggled, and may you never run out of yarn mid-project.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, my friends! See ya in 2016.
All the love!
Julia 😀


4 thoughts on “A Private Party on the Couch

  1. Such a sweet post. I wish you all the best for 2016!! I hope your colds go away soon – not very nice during holiday time especially. Here’s to another year of creativity and happy knitting! xx

    • thank you so much! (I’d sent you a virtual hug, but I don’t want to send you any bacteria …). The cold is STILL there. A member of my knitting group advised me to keep half an onion(!) near me, because that would help. It helped yesterday, but this evening, as we had a very late dinner, Philipp told me afterwards that he would be THROWING THE ONION INTO THE TRASH BECAUSE THE WHOLE FLAT STINKS OF ONION … and I didn’t notice it. I don’t smell a thing. Grr.

      (P.S.: I’ve cast on one of your patterns yesterday. Behold!)

      • LOL re the onion thing! 😀 If you have access to essential oils and a diffuser, I would advise taking 1000mg of vitamin C every day (I am sure you are doing that anyway) and burning a few drops of essential oil of tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender which is very healing and especially good for colds. It smells much nicer too. 🙂

      • No, I don’t take Vitamin C at the moment (althou0hg I HAVE drunk over 2 litres of tea per day, and lots of Hot Water and Lemon), but I am close to checking out both. 😉 Gonna inhale later tonight on camomile, that is always great. Thank you so much for that advice! I’ll check it out (I have to speak to Philipp about the infuser, whether that’s okay on his lungs).

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