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The Calm after the Storm

Merry Belated Christmas everyone! 😀

I hope you had a wonderful couple of days with friends and family (or alone, which can be a blessing as well), you got a bit of peace, good food and lovely presents!

Today was a very quiet day after three days of constant family company. On the 24th, Philipp went to see his father, brother and gran, while my parents picked me up at half past two to get to my sister’s, who had announced she wanted to do this year’s Christmas. It was a really nice afternoon. My sister caught a really bad cold last week, so we went home early, but she had outdone herself with baking cookies, making a helluva dessert (steamed apples with cinammon, gingerbread crumbs satuated with orange juice and vanilla pudding, mixed with cream cheese and cream, all served together in a glass. It was really yummy, but a LOT to digest) and everything else … Amazing. I can only bow before her, because I could never pull that off. Ever.

The 25th saw Philipp and me on his family gathering, which was very great at well (LOTS of food, goulash, sauerkraut, red cabbage and potatoes, plus the cake in the afternoone …). My SiL loved the book and the yarn we gave her and cast on for a pair of socks right away. Yesterday, we trotted over to my parents’ for the last family gathering of the year, to eat cookies and cake and raclette and sweets and and and …

During the various family get-togethers, I worked on the first set of potholders for E. and her husband:

Esthers Topflappen 01

I am very happy how they turned out. The blue is very close to the blue of our local soccer club, and while I frogged the white-centred potholder on the 25th, because I realised that 40 stitches were using up way too much yarn, reworking it on 30 stitches was very fast and easy.

The picot edging was made by crocheting two rows across the center and then chaining 3 stitches, doing a single/double crochet into the first stitch, skipping to stitches of the border and then doing a single/double crochet stitch. Dead easy.The holder is 10 chain stitches long.

Esthers Topflappenset 02The next set (in yellow and black) will be started in January – for now, I am trying to work on Amiga and get it as close to finishing as possible.

I even got some yarn-and-books (e.g. Words and Stitches-)related presents:

Yarn-related Christmas presents 2015

Philipp got me the Yarn Harlot’s latest book, which is about everything except knitting (it’s still brilliant, I am laughing and crying and I am seriously considering writing her about it to say thank you), a knitting murder mystery novel by Maggie Sefton, which is fun to read (not very exciting or complicated, but she has so much fun writing about knitting, food, and people!), and … that cookie tin.

The tin was my draw of this year’s Julklapp of my knitting group, and when I opened it, it contained this:

Wichtelgeschenk 02
Yes. This is a ball of Regia Monaco Color, and I do hope to make Wei’s Geek Socks with them (if that shouldn’t work out, I’ll use my Opal “Smile” ball).

Regia Monaco Color

There was also a new set of DPNs that came with the ball and (taped to the lid of the tin, I only saw that at home):

Wichtelgeschenk 03

Two tiny embellishments that can be sewn unto the finished socks (I’ve never used any of these – do they stick to the socks or are they likely to fall off? I’d hate to lose them in the washing machine …)

I also got a lot of books:

Books for Christmas 2015

Two books of the “Witcher Series” (plus a gift card to buy two missing ones, because the stores don’t stock the whole series all of a sudden, which is weird, because they did it in November), two crime/historical novels which are set in Hattingen (one of our neighbour towns), the two knitting books I’ve already showed you – and David Guterson’s Snow Falling on Cedars, which I am really looking forward to! 🙂
There were other goodies as well, although not yarn related – my sister got me a kit to make my own body lotion (never seen that before, looks like fun!), a DVD … oh, and YARN!!

Damn. I can’t believe I forgot that.

I have already confessed that the decision to gift my SiL a ball of my yarn was also a bit of a … erm … selfish decision, because I want to use up stash. That plan backfired a bit as I got her second present (the first was the knitting murder mystery novel):

Strickbar von Hand gesponnen 01

100 grams of handspun yarn, giving me 270 metres of a Merino/Mohair blend in a gorgeous rainbow! I already know what to knit with it – I’m gonna make the Botanical Cowl. 🙂

Also, Philipp and me got …. A PAIR OF POTHOLDERS!

Topflappen von Monika 01
Little M.’s gran crocheted them herself, and while she didn’t want us to give her something for Christmas, she showered us with gifts: These potholders (which are light green to match the kitchen wall(!)), homemade jam and to really beautiful matching cups to drink our tea out of in the morning. If I hadn’t finished her socks already, I would totally make her another pair now. 🙂

Today, Philipp has a cold (he woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat already), and so we have spent the day on the couch, him playing “XCOM-Enemy Unknown”, and me knitting a tiny bit, reading a fair bit and writing away on a fanfiction story I am currently working on. I started this on the 24th and have been working on it a bit every day since – it’s lots of fun and even though some folks don’t consider fanfiction “real writing”, I don’t mind geeking out one tiny bit, because I am enjoying myself way too much.
I have made a couple of plans for next year, and I’m blogging about them soon! Until then:

Take care, my friends! Merry Christmas!
Julia 😀


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