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Halfway done!

Hi there!

I am sorry for not being able to post earlier … I have to admit that I fell down the rabbit hole a bit.Let me ask you a bit of a weird question: Did anybody of you ever develope a crush on a fictional character, be it in a film, series, book or game? To me, this has happened a couple of times already … I have always been prone to fall into fictional worlds and universes, and now is another time … The last one was Tyrion from A Game of Thrones (mostly because he’s bookish and maybe the most interesting and well-written character I have encountered in a long, long time).

Now, it’s one of the Witchers from the Witcher series (not surprising if you have read the last couple of book posts …), in a mixture of books and game and fandom. As many, I developed a crush on Geralt, the protagonist (if you click on the link, it’ll take you to a photo that maybe will let you understand. If that isn’t enough, click on this one. It’s not a nude picture or something. Promise.), but after having seen a few other scenes from the game … I’ve lost my heart to Eskel. I liked his character in the books already, and after having watched what is probably the most hilarious scene of the whole game, I have a crush (a not so small part of this crush is the fact that in the same scene, there is a very erm, “yummy” closeup of his butt (in trousers. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Just so much that you can appreciate it) and that Eskel’s (English!) voiceover has the right “depth” and degree of huskiness that I like). Apart from that, I like how the character is shaped, both in the books (where, sadly, he doesn’t play a big role) and in the games.

So … Yeah. This will probably be a bit embarrassing for me when I have posted and thus, publicly admitted it, but since there are TONS of fanclubs for every other series (including “obviously” sexy ones, such as Game of Thrones, True Blood and what have you) … this is me being openly fangirly for once, looking at fanart, reading fanfiction and comments and theories and I am enjoying myself enormously. Hence, not so much posting during the last days. 😉

I have made great progress on my first “real” chapter of the dissertation, and right now, I am quite optimistic to have a good first version ready by the end of the year. YAY!


As for REAL men … I finished one of the socks for Philipp.

Weihnachtssocken 09


I know the picture is bad, but the lighting here is terrible at the moment and I will make better pictures when he is trying the socks on. I started the second sock already and am halfway done with the leg. Although, I have to admit …

The jig is up.

He knows.

Because on Thursday, we had our 11th anniversary … And he came home with this:

So, I simply had to show him the sock. I think you understand.
Have a great start into the week my friends! Rock on!

Julia 😀


2 thoughts on “Halfway done!

  1. Awww.. so sweet!! Happy Anniversary!! And as for your ‘crush’, I hope you realise that it’s perfectly normal and are joining all the other millions of people with crushes on their fantasy idols too. 🙂

    • thank you! (hug)
      We went out for dinner that night and that was really great. 🙂

      Another thank you for the assuring words … I was raised with the notion that it is somewhat weird to get lost so much in different worlds and stories and to speak to your favourite characters in your head … It truly was a great relief when I told someone for the very first time and they told me that they did that, too! It still is a bit weird, because part of me still thinks that I am “too old” for that kind of stuff (which is stupid, really. You’re never too old to have fun.).

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