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On the Problems of Stealth Knitting

In my humble opinion, stealth knitting is one of the coolest things you can do. Especially when you are living with the lucky recipient. Nothing is sweeter like the stunned look on a beloved face when they eye their gift and stutter: “But … how did you do this? When did you knit on it?” Ah, sweet triumph!

Weihnachtssocken 03

Stealth knitting has also one big disadvantage, though. You have to do it in secret.

I know, I know, this is somewhat the concept of stealth knitting … But truth be told, it pisses me off at the moment. I know that I will love the look on Philipp’s face, the surprise and the joy, and I know that I will feel happy to give him the socks, because nothing says “I love you” better than warming your beloved one’s feet with handknit socks (or scarves. Or sweaters. You don’t put these on the feet though.) … But the truth is, I love this sock so much that I want to knit on it all the time.

Every morning, after Philipp has left the house, I pull out the socks and knit a few rounds while I am waiting for my tea to be ready. Or in between writing my dissertation and starting with French. Or while reading blog articles. I have even taken the sock with me to knit in the tram, but now is the time of long-sleeved anoraks, and they don’t make knitting much fun (also, the metal needles are a wee bit more slippery than my wooden ones, and I only have five metal DPNs and I don’t want to lose them).

Since I want to keep the existence of the socks absolutely secret, I don’t dare knitting on them in the evening, when Philipp is there. The sock sits hidden in my knitting basket, waiting for me to come and knit on it some more. I find myself unenthusiastic about any other possible (sensible) project I could work on (Amiga Cardigan, Swatch for another cardigan, lace scarf …), and I have somewhat forced myself to knit on the blanket to use up some stash, but that isn’t convincing my whiny little self who WANTS TO KNIT ON THE SOCK, because this sock is truly beautiful and I love everything about it.

I love the colours. Look at these beautiful colours!

Weihnachtssocken 08

I love the way the two ribs melt into the heel flap, respective the gusset:

Weihnachtssocken 06

I am very happy about the cushioned heel flap – first, because it’s more exciting than the normal slip stitch heel flap (yes, I know. My standarts are low …) and then, because it feels more comfortable and has such a nice look:

Weihnachtssocken 05

I very much like the way my gusset stitches look, especially on the side where I used a sl1 kwise, k1, psso decrease instead of the usual ssk:

Weihnachtssocken 07

I even like the soft “frrrrp”-sound when I poke the DPN into the ball for safekeeping.

Weihnachtssocken 04 … it’s high time that Philipp goes to see the new STAR WARS movie with his colleagues. That won’t be until the 20th, though.


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