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Do you want to know a secret?

Pssssst … Hi there …

Philipp isn’t in tonight, which suits me fine. I’ve got important stuff to discuss with you, and I don’t want him to see …

Regenwald - Tom der Barde 01I have never showed you this ball of yarn, I think, I got it probably two years ago for Christmas. This is Opal’s rainforest series  with the colourway “Tom the Bard” and I never knew how to knit it up … I searched pattern after pattern and looked at what others had knit with that yarn, but somehow, nothing inside me screamed: “That’s it!”

Since I want to knit up stash, this ball will now become Philipp’s surprise Christmas present.

Weihnachtssocken 01

I am using a very simple pattern here, and after opting for the Vanilla Latte Socks first, I switched at the very last moment to Eliabeth Suarez’ My knitted heart vanilla socks. Not that there is anything wrong with the Vanilla Latte pattern, but after the Bly socks,  I wanted to have as much stockinette as possible. 😉

A special feature of the Heart Vanilla Socks is the ribbing at the sides: You start with three ribs and two of them disappear into the gusset. The foot will be framed by one rib, and I find this very appealing  at the moment, because it allows me to knit and read, or knit and watch a documentary on arte or a Let’s Play … I cast on 64 stitches on metal DPNs I got myself one or two months ago, and I’ll see whether these will be socks he’ll wear over his “normal” socks (he loves to do that for a little extra warmth) or a pair he’ll wear directly on the feet, like his Nordsee Socken.

Weihnachtssocken 02

Crappy picture, but you know what I mean

Since he shan’t know of this pair of socks, there’s a lot of stealth knitting involved right now. My days are filled with writing and practicing my French (I finally got back on track with vocabulary learning this week, yay!), but I try to slip in a few rows every now and then. Tonight, Philipp is at his school reunion (10 years after he finished school, next year, it will be my turn) and I don’t know when he’ll be back – tomorrow, he’s going to visit his dad, and I might stay here and knit a bit more on the sock. I got most of the leg done at knitting group today, but still … Better get a move on! Christmas is coming!

So … That’s the secret. Secret socks.

….But that’s between you and me, alright? Don’t tell on me! Pinky swear?


2 thoughts on “Do you want to know a secret?

    • I do hope he will like them! I am a bit afraid that the colours will be too bold for him … On the other side, the last pair of socks he got wasn’t very dull-coloured either … We’ll see. 😉

      Yes, Tom is one of the rare colourways with a somewhat inconsistant colour repeat! I thought about it last night, and it really is a bit of an exception. But as far as I know, it’s quite popular … Probably because of the colours. 😉 Teh-he.

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