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Creative Ways to Destash

It was a dark and cold Friday night. We were sitting on the couch, Philipp and I. He was reading Terry Pratchett’s Mort, while I was watching Suishomaru’s Let’s Play to Pandora’s Tower. Next to me were the second testknit sock and some cotton yarn to make my granddad another Tribble I could hand in for Quidditch in the HPKCHC challenge. I had been browsing the ravelry forums for the last couple of minutes and was just about to log out when I saw that I had received a message.

Lacey Lamb

The message came from a fellow raveler who I didn’t know personally, but remembered the ravatar. She had seen that I still had some leftovers of my Lacey Lamb yarn and, since she had run short, asked me (very politely) whether there maybe was the possibility that I was willing to part with my leftovers and could please send them to her so she could finish her Christmas present. Postage would be paid by her, of course, as well as the cost of the yarn.

I sat back and thought for a moment. Threads about pms like these come up in the forums every now and then, and they are usually a source of very heated discussions, because some people don’t mind, some people think that it cannot hurt to ask, and a third party finds it absolutely impolite (some say impertinent) to write to somebody with inquiries about stash that is obviously not for trade/sale. While I had read those threads, I hadn’t participated very much in them (if at all), because this had never happened to me.

I went to my stash page to find out how much yarn there was anyway, and it turned out that I had 11 grams left, which would be 138metres. I went into our office/study room, got my box of leftovers, put the yarn on the desk and looked at it.

Now isn’t it interesting how childish we sometimes behave when we are asked to share something we have no immediate need of? When I had read the message, I had been feeling quite neutral about it. Now that I saw the little leftover ball sitting on my desk, a little childlike part of my personality stepped up, wrapped its little arms around the ball and wailed: “No, you can’t have that. That’s MINE. I NEED this!”

I thought. I had no immediate plans for that yarn. Yes, there was this vague idea of a project made with leftover laceyarn, but I would not have enough for that project (whatever it would be) for a long time anyway. The message had been very, very friendly. And last but not least (and this will probably sound a bit hippy), I thought: ‘With all this bad stuff happening in the world right now … We need to spread a little love and kindness.’ (I also thought of Immanuel Kant, but this would go to far right now).

We exchanged a few more messages that night this fellow raveler and I, checking whether my 138 metres would allow her to finish the project and how much the postage would be. I was pretty sure that it would be something around 4$ (3,45€), since I had sent something off to the USA that very afternoon and assured her that she didn’t need to pay me that (I don’t have paypal anyway). The yarn had been gifted to me, so there was no way I would have let her pay me for that.

Lacey Lamb 02

And so I put the laptop away, pulled up one of our chairs and started making a tiny little skein.

Lacey Lamb 03

I secured the yarn using strands from the big leftover jar (being a bit of a packrat does have its advantages from time to time) and went searching for an envelope. While skeining the yarn, I listened to music:

Lacey Lamb 04

I know he does look a bit sceptical, but Tom sang to the yarn during the whole process, and I think it really appreciated it (this record was a very last minute  birthday wish. I had stumbled upon “Blue Valentines” on youtube and had exclaimed: “I would like a record by Tom Waits!” Philipp went and got me this one. He’s the best!).

The next morning, Philipp went to the post office for me and put the envelope in the mail.

Lacey Lamb 06

Alison, they said that it should take something about 3-10 days! I hope it reaches you in time and the yarn is enough! Happy knitting! 🙂

Talking about how to destash yarn very quickly …


Have a wonderful start into the new week, my friends! May love and peace be in your part of the world.

All the best,
Julia 😀


9 thoughts on “Creative Ways to Destash

    • I am really, really sure she is – she told me her man went to university in Germany and she was gonna ask him “what he missed most” and she would send me that … I am very curious now! 😉
      About generosity: I keep on trying. It doesn’t always work, but in this case, I knew that little childlike me was just playing up. 😉

    • Ah, I don’t really think it was much. 😉 As I said – it was lying around anyway, taking up a little bit of space. Thus, it’s totally okay to send it to someone whom it will be useful to. 🙂 (things would have been differently if I would have had to pay a high postage. But 4$ is completely fine.)

  1. How sweet. It probably wasn’t easy for her to ask in the first place. And I am quite sure that we have all experienced that little inner child from time to time. My aunt suggested I make a pair of socks for our families all girl Xmas celebration. My knee-jerk reaction was “oh, no, all the socks are for me”, lol. Upon thought, I probably will make socks for our party. Now, when my sister asked me to make my nephew socks(size 14 feet, by the way!) U said no way!!

    • I think that would depend on WHEN I am asked to knit socks (and if the people I shall knit for DO WEAR the socks I knit them). You are very generous indeed! Depending on the tone I could get pretty ballistic because of such a request. 😉

      • Well, my aunt just loved my socks, the ones I was wearing and the ones I was knitting. My sister asked because I was raving about how warm handknit socks are, and my nephew is always freezing. I just think he’d outgrow the socks before the knitting was finished! He’s only 15.

      • Okay, that’s a different kind of toast then. 😉 Knitting for others is easier if you know that your items will be loved and worn … My SiL called last night about Christmas presents (yes, we’re gonna give each other presents), but I won’t go into the stress and knit her a pair of socks. She can have one for her birthday, which is in March. 🙂

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