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All neat and tidy.

The cold is still not gone.

Bly Socken 01

That means, the cold per se yes, but I am still tired easily, and so I decided not to go to knitting group, but rather to stay at home, because this weekend is the only possibility for me to chill for two days.

Because I have a hard time not doing something, I decided to tidy up my knitting, so I can give you a little status update. On we go! 😀1.) Needles

I kept my needles in a plastic bag. The plastic bag was thin, had many holes (no large ones. Just large enough ones so that the needles would fall out) and I wasn’t really sure any more which needles were in there and which were laying around some other place …

So I emptied the plastic bag onto my desk last night, deleted my inventory on ravelry and started afresh. I also got myself another plastic bag (a sturdier one this time) and put all the needles in there. Sorting out the needles brought a few insights:

  1. I do have only one 3,0mm circular. This is good to know. I cannot remember how much time I have spent so far looking for the other one.
  2. I have lost my small crochet hooks (2,0mm-2,5mm). Apparently. I know I HAD them, and I know what the package looked like and I know gran gave them to me … What I do not know is where they are. Maybe I lend them to my mother?
  3. Two of my wooden 2,5mm needles are missing.
  4. I have four (yes, four!) 3,5mm circulars.

2.) Bon-sai!

Do you remember this beautiful little shawl?

Tiny Purple Bonsai 01

Probably not, because this is the only picture I ever made of it … I started this one very early this year and, after having finished the first section (which looks absolutely beautiful), decided to knit nupps instead of beads. That was the death of it.

I have no idea why, but I am incapable of knitting a proper nupp without messing up everything. I knit the first row of the second section I-don’t-know-how-many-times and still there was something wrong. I would tink back and try to correct what I thought was the mistake. Then I’d finish the row and go on to the next one, only to find out that it still didn’t work …

While going through my needles yesterday, I decided to frog the little shawl and use the yarn for something else. Sorry, tiny bonsai. But we weren’t meant to be.

3.) Gran’s socks

Bly Socken 01


I finally managed to finish the leg of the second sock (this isn’t it, though. This is still the first leg in progress. I’ve got to be honest here) and continue to the heel flap. The heel flap is almost done, too: Only eight more rows to go before I can turn the heel. Unfortunately, the heel flap is my least favourite part of a sock … Argh!

4.) Another test knit!

Yes! Because I don’t have enought to do already … 😉 Ah, never mind. I signed up for another of knitbybit‘s testknits. She designs beautiful socks, and her new pattern is just as gorgeous as the others … I am really happy to participate! Also, she only requires one sock to be done for the test, and this is very fair. I will be using this yarn:

Fortissima Cotton gelb
Which is a wool/nylon/cotton blend. It was among the yarn my gran gave me when she sorted out her stash.

5.) The lace shawl

Grey Leaves of November 01

has not been worked on. Sorry. I’ll knit on it when I get to it.

That is about it. I also photographed most of my “missing” stash (meaning, I have entries on my stash page for these balls of yarn, but didn’t take a picture) – of course, one ball of yarn is missing, but you can’t have it all. I will take the picture later.

For now, it’s me and the couch and my knitting and “Golden Sun” on the DS (what a superb game!) and … now I’m off to eat rice with vegetables and little sausages.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! Enjoy yourself and take care!

Lots of love,
Julia 😀

3 thoughts on “All neat and tidy.

    • Stimmt! Die Diskussion hatten wir auch kurz – zumindest für die Nadelspiele wäre das prima (ich habe alle Packungen der Rundstricknadeln). DAs einzige Problem dabei ist, dass ich noch keine Nadelrollen im Geschäft gesehen habe – es scheint, dass man die nur bei etsy und dawanda bekommt (und da habe ich keinen Account und auch keinen Paypal account und auch kein Geld … 😉 )

      ABER: irgendwann sicher. 🙂 (Ich könnte sonst auch einen Schuhkarton für die Nadeln nehmen, der wäre ein bisschen stabiler)

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