To Darn or Not to Darn …

… that is indeed the question!

It must be the season (or rather, the beginning of the season) for I have made a list of all household chores I would like to be done until Christmas / New Year’s Eve.

The list contains a number of delightful tasks I was able to ignore happily during the last couple of weeks or months, such as: Continue reading


Creative Ways to Destash

It was a dark and cold Friday night. We were sitting on the couch, Philipp and I. He was reading Terry Pratchett’s Mort, while I was watching Suishomaru’s Let’s Play to Pandora’s Tower. Next to me were the second testknit sock and some cotton yarn to make my granddad another Tribble I could hand in for Quidditch in the HPKCHC challenge. I had been browsing the ravelry forums for the last couple of minutes and was just about to log out when I saw that I had received a message.

Lacey Lamb

The message came from Continue reading

Something small …

… because I do not want to write much today.

I do not know how many of you are French or have relatives or friends in France – but I do hope that you are safe and I hope your family is safe and you friends, too, and that the horrors didn’t enter your lives last night. And if yes, although this may seem shallow, please let me send you my sincerest condolences and a virtual hug. And if you are from Beirut, or have lost friends and family there, please let me offer you my sincerest condolences and a virtual hug as well.

I don’t know many French people – from the bloggers, I think, it’s only Ashveen – but I immediately thought about him and my French teacher and hope that their families and friends are alright.

To all the Parisiens who opened their doors to strangers last night and offered protection to those still out in the streets: Thank you so much. That was brave and courageous and showed love and compassion.

Please do not let this put hatred between us all. Please let us show love and compassion to each other instead of hatred and fear.

Love one another, friends. Take care of yourself and those around you. Be there.


Sending you lots and lots of love,


All neat and tidy.

The cold is still not gone.

Bly Socken 01

That means, the cold per se yes, but I am still tired easily, and so I decided not to go to knitting group, but rather to stay at home, because this weekend is the only possibility for me to chill for two days.

Because I have a hard time not doing something, I decided to tidy up my knitting, so I can give you a little status update. On we go! 😀 Continue reading

Small Gifts

Hi there!Jule the Cat

Man, that took a long time. Don’t you hate it when there is nothing much wrong with you, but you simply feel worn out and sleepy? Last week was like that again – on Friday, I felt too tired and groggy to go to the library (!), so I went to the doc again to make sure I didn’t catch bronchitis. Good news: No bronchitis. Bad news: The cold simply hadn’t worn off yet. Argh … I didn’t have to call in sick again, though, and so I spent yet another weekend on the couch, with lots of knitting, a new game for my DS (“Golden Sun – The Dark Descent”) and (since I didn’t have any new library books) Elizabeth Gilbert’s “The Signature of All Things”.

Rest was only interrupted on Saturday, when we went to E.’s birthday party.

Apart from the book she had asked for (a crime novel – E. will read just about anything if it contains corpses, a detective and gruesome murder), I had a surprise present in store.

The Blueberry Shawl.

I do not quite know how much I have told you about Continue reading