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Current WIPs: Variatio delectat!

Hi there!

15-stitch blanket 14

Somehow, I am seeming to fall into a bit of a hiatus, huh? Well, blame it on the cold I caught this week – it had been developing since the week before, I felt chilly every now and then, slept more than I usually do … So I went to the doctor’s on Thursday and he told me to stay home, drink lots of tea and keep warm. Next week will be in full swing with my French course starting again (yay!) and lots of work and a Birthday/Halloween-Party to go to … Lots of stuff to do!

Because I didn’t feel that great anyway, afternoons were spend on the couch with lots and lots of knitting.

After receiving my third letter of rejection from the association in Berlin I contacted earlier for a scholarship, I felt really, really down for a couple of days. I didn’t even know whether I wanted to continue the dissertation or not … I’ve written my professor, but she probably didn’t find time for me last week, because she hasn’t responded yet. I dug around in my stash and came up with this beautiful lace yarn:

Monika design Baby Alpaka 01

100% soft, scrumptious Alpaca yarn, 375 metres in a 50 gram ball I bought in Wilhelmshaven two years ago. I decided that know was the time to treat myself and cast on for Heather Zopetti’s New Day (the link will take you to the pattern page on ravelry. It’s a free pattern! Yay!)

The yarn is a dream to work with. A dream. Soft and fluffy, but sturdy enough to take a tink-back through a few rows and the occasional correction of a mistake, it gives me enormous joy and I can only highly recommend it so far. I don’t know how it behaves when being washed, however, so this is a 50% recommendation. 😉

So far, I have worked three repeats:

Grey Leaves of November 01

and I already love it a lot. This is another “lace in every row” pattern, but it is very easy to keep track of, although I can neither knit nor concentrate on anything else. It’s for zoning out. Real pleasure.

I also killed a bit of leftovers by continuing with my 15-stitch blanket (I started this in 2013. And it won’t be finished for a while either.) – see the beginning of the orange and blue striping in the middle of the outer stripe on the right side? This is everything that was left from Philipp’s latest socks (I’ll show them later), 28 grams total. The white and the dark blue were gifted by gran, the pink striping yarn is what was leftover from Little M.’s Christmas socks and mine. Right now I am working through the 21 grams of leftovers from Philipp’s Australia Socks while watching Suishomaru’s Let’s Play for “Catherine” and “Triforce Heroes”.

15-stitch blanket 11

Since I only throw stash entries into the “all used up” category when that is completely the case, this was a bit of a relief. 😉
Despite my efforts to use up a bit more stash, however, I bought another ball of green sock yarn, this time “Trekking Sport XXL” from Atelier Zitron.

Bly Socken 01

After a bit of careful probing had revealed that my gran probably wouldn’t find much use for handknit washcloths, I decided to knit her a second pair of socks for her birthday. So far, the score’s quite uneven between my grandparents: While my granddad has gotten five items from me so far (1 pair of fingerless mittens, 3 pairs of socks and the birthday scarf), this is gonna be the fourth present for my gran (she got the Ashton Shawlette, 1 pair of socks and Regenerate). Although I know that my grandparents do NOT keep track (after all, shawls are big!), I wanted to make her another pair of socks (by the way – the score IS quite even after all. Huh. I wouldn’t have thought that.)

Anyway, I decided to make her some HEAVILY cabled socks and came up with Caoua Coffee’s “Bly” socks (again, link to the pattern page here). Caoua’s patterns are great, they are beautiful, very well written and FREE. Great.

I managed to finish the gusset decreases today and am now very happy to start the foot of the first sock – luckily, Philipp can play sock model again, as he and my gran have the same shoe size.

Bly Socken 03

All in all, that should be enough to keep me busy for the moment.
Have a great start into the new week, my friends! Take care!

Julia 😀


4 thoughts on “Current WIPs: Variatio delectat!

  1. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well, but it definitely looks like you’ve been making good use of your couch time! What a great bunch of projects you’ve got on your needles 🙂

  2. I hope you are feeling better very soon. I am sorry to hear about the dissertation set-back. I can imagine that was a bit glum. Hopefully you will hear back from your professor soon, and maybe you’ll be lucky next time! Your projects are looking great though!

    • thank you so, so much! (I’ll leave a comment at your’s tomorrow, promise!!) my prof answered my e-mail and we made an appointment for Thursday in two weeks. She assured me that we would find a solution to this and I’m glad that she doesn’t shrug and goes: “Sorry, bad luck.” (she wouldn’t, of course. I can’t imagine her doing that as long as she knows I’M doing my part).

      Thank you so much for the compliment, too! I already admired your new designs (and say more about this, too. Promise)

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