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By the Sea

Hello everybody, and welcome back! 😀

As I said, I wasn’t able to post last week – and that was because we went to the North Sea!

08.10. Langeoog 10 Strandblick

We really needed that, I think (especially Philipp. He’s been working LOADS.) and we had a great time. I was a bit worried about whether I might suffer from withdrawal symptoms due to no Internet access, but as soon as I realised that I was getting nervous, I decided that YES, it would be a good time to practice absence. Although I checked my E-mails ONCE (still haven’t heard from the last scholarship foundation) and we did our little bit of Duolingo every day, we were offline, and it felt great. It seems that I am really not a person who gets addicted easily (phew!).

As the last four holidays, we went to Horumersiel (we agreed to go somewhere else the next time), but we love the sea and we’ve known the flat to be clean and this is guaranteed relaxation. Plus, this was our first “real” couple vacation, from packing the suitcases together until unpacking again on Saturday afternoon! We ate lots of fish, visited the town and the villages nearby, and hat a bit of a Harry Potter experience when we saw lots of owls sitting in a tree in the middle of Wittmund:

07.10. Wittmund 01

Can you spot them?

On Thursday, we went to Langeoog. The weatherforecast had proclaimed a rainy day, but as soon as we were out of the car and at the ferry, the sky was grey, but dry.

We went past the water tower

08.10. Langeoog 04 Wasserturm

and saw a pheasant on our way to the beach.

08.10. Langeoog 03

The beach was surprisingly crowded (although they kept mostly out of sight for this photograph)

08.10. Langeoog 12 Strand

and we did a couple of photos of my current WIP (socks for Philipp), Yarn-Harlot-Style:

08.10. Langeoog 14 Strand

(Philipp assisted without complaining. Thanks, love!)

08.10. Langeoog 15 Dünenpfad

We saw a bench on which Helmut Schmidt would smoke, too:

08.10. Langeoog 20 Helmut Schmidts Bank

Admired the beautiful landscape

08.10. Langeoog 24 Dünenlandschaft

and spotted yet another bird (I don’t know what it is, sorry. I’m really, really bad at naming birds and plants).

08.10. Langeoog 26 Vogelsichtung

Of course, being offline and on vacation, I got a lot of knitting done. I finished Little P.’s Tartar socks (link to project page):

Wueterichsocken 06

and then, one day, during our many strolls through Horumersiel, we came across this:

09.10. Horumersiel 01 Drachenschaukel vor Bendicks

The little dragon was more than happy to meet the socks.

Wueterichsocken 07

(Philipp assisted with only a bit of complaining. The little dragon sat in front of a hotel.)

I finished Philipp’s first sock (I love the yarn)

Nordseesocken 01

but didn’t buy anything new this time (good thing). I was close to buying some yarn in Carolinensiel, but the shop assistant was so openly hostile to me browsing through the shelves that I decided on the spot to invest my money elsewhere. Hooray for friendly shop assistants!

On Friday, our last day, we took a last stroll through Horumersiel and for once, I took my camera. We met a couple of ducks

09.10. Horumersiel 06 Park

and spotted a couple of nests09.10. Horumersiel 07 Park

and, sadly, a late rabbit. (Please. No “This parrot is dead”-jokes. Poor thing ….)

09.10. Horumersiel 09

All in all, we had a great week! Apart from knitting a lot, I READ lot – but there will be another blog posting on this, specially reserved for the books.

Have a great week, my friends! Take care!

Julia 😀

6 thoughts on “By the Sea

    • It was! It was so nice to have time to BE together and to have lots of time to read and (in my case) to knit … we also managed to catch up on some DVDs we’ve wanted to watch for ages (but somehow, never did) … We watched “Batman. Te Dark Knight” (first time for me), “The King’s Speech” (really good) and “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” – a WONDERFUL movie with almost every member of the old guard: Maggie Smith, Judy Dench …. Best movie in a long time. 🙂

    • You’re definitely not the only one! Although I am really scared by death (or rather, the thought of losing loved ones), I know and can accept that it belongs to life … When I saw this rabbit, I was more fascinated than sad, because I had never seen rabbit bones in real life (apart from a biology lesson at school). Philipp’s dad apparently found that a bit morbid, though … we had dinner at his’ on Sunday evening and Philipp mentioned the rabbit and I told him what we saw.
      “You really took a close look, eh?”, he asked.
      “I took a picture.”
      “Oh Julia …”

  1. What a lovely relaxing time you’ve had. And your socks are great. I love it up there on the coast. You feel like you get the cobwebs blown away. I haven’t been to Langeoog, but to Spiekeroog a couple of times.

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