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Well, look at that.

I can actually get something done.

Wueterichsocken 01

As I have told you repeatedly by now, I am playing in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC) as a Note-Quite-First-Year (NQFY) this term. On Thursday, after work and running various errands and doing some housework, I finally sat down and examined the challenges for October.

I had to do some hard thinking about how to match the prompts with what I wanted to knit … (I have made myself a spreadsheet. But that’s no big surprise, right?) … But when that was settled as well, I grabbed my new metal needles (I still had a bit of that gift card left) and the new deep red sock yarn and cast on.

Wueterichsocken 02

These are going to be socks for Little P., my cousin’s little son. He’s turning four this December (already!), and when they visited a couple of weeks ago, I learned that yes, he wears handknit socks, and that his favourite colour is red (although my cousin voted for blue. But well.). While my cousin doesn’t knit, she’s into sewing (told ya. It runs in the family) and one of the first questions she asked me when we saw each other was: “Is there any place here where I could buy fabrics?” Yes, there is! So we went to “Elsbeth & ich”, a lovely shop where mother and daughter sell sewing supplies, fabric, buttons … Everything. Little P. and his dad went into the shop as well, and after a few minutes, the little one ran wild. His dad was totally up to the challenge, though (I have NEVER seen anybody be more patient and good natured with a child. Ever.) and when Little P. tried to move an old pram standing around for decoration, his dad swept him up in his arms and started to tickle him. “Wüterich”, he said, “Wüterich, hör auf.”


Wueterichsocken 03

“Wüterich” means “tartar” in English (it should mean that) – and then I stumbled upon this. (The English title would be: “Knight Tartar and Dragon Bristle”) – I knew that this. Was. It. The perfect match. I don’t know a better name for these socks. I don’t know whether I should buy the book as well (usually, we don’t exchange gifts, and I don’t want her to feel obliged to get me something, too), but we’ll see, there is still some time left until December.

Wueterichsocken 04

This was my progress on the 2nd of October. The socks are knit in size 25 (I have made the foot a bit longer, 16cm instead of 15,5) and go fast. I picked this pattern (Show-off stranded Socks” by Anne Campbell) deliberately – don’t you think it looks a bit like dragon scales? I have made a cushioned heel flap and so far, I’m more than happy with my progress.
Wueterichsocken 05

After casting on the second sock this morning, I went to our monthly knitting group meeting … And I’m ready to start the heel flap! Yay!

And – lo and behold – I kid you not:

Amiga Cardigan 03

I HAVE FINISHED THE FIRST SLEEVE OF THE AMIGA CARDIGAN. The second is underway and needs only 13cms more of stockinette stitch until I can start 10 rounds of garter to give the sleeve a nice finish. Then there is only the button band left. Way to go!!!!!


Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

Julia 😀


P.S.: Thank you so much for all your suggestions about Nurmilintu! I have decided to continue knitting and saving the red parts for the lace … Let’s see how this turns out!

P.P.S.: I won’t be able to post until late next weekend! So if you write a comment and it doesn’t show up immediately, don’t be upset, please!


7 thoughts on “Well, look at that.

    • Oh, thank you! 🙂 I hope you had a lovely weekend as well – and a great week! Knitting isn’t hard. I haven’t been the most patient of characters myself, but it is really easy to learn. And no matter how complicated it looks – all you need is two stitches! Knit and purl. 🙂 Have a wonderful day! 🙂

      • You totally can! Sometimes you knit stitches out of order or knit two stitches together or stuff like that – but it’s all knit and purl. 🙂

        If you want to give it a try, get a medium-thick yarn (nice yarn. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Go for the feel) and some appropriate needles – you can get ideas from the ball band) and settle down with a youtube video (there are TONS.). It’s awesome! If you’ve got questions, I’ll be happy to help! 🙂

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