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Hi there!

15-stitch blanket 14

Somehow, I am seeming to fall into a bit of a hiatus, huh? Well, blame it on the cold I caught this week – it had been developing since the week before, I felt chilly every now and then, slept more than I usually do … So I went to the doctor’s on Thursday and he told me to stay home, drink lots of tea and keep warm. Next week will be in full swing with my French course starting again (yay!) and lots of work and a Birthday/Halloween-Party to go to … Lots of stuff to do!

Because I didn’t feel Continue reading


Books for Vacation! Quite some variety

Whenever I go on vacation, I have a big fat problem.

I always have trouble making room for the books.

When I was a kid, my mother would take my sister and me to the library before we went on holiday. She had a blue-and-white checkered plastic bag and we were allowed to fill it up to the brim with the books we wanted to take with us (later, that amound expanded to our backpacks). After we came home, my mum put all the books away and we were not allowed to touch them until we got into the car and were ready to go! The blue-and-white bag would be placed between my sister and me, and we could start getting through the books, thus not being so much of a pain in my parents’ behinds during the journey (we still managed, though). Although it has never happened in one single holiday, I am always frightened by the idea of running our of reading material. Especially when there is no Internet and lots of free time. So this is what I took with me. All of these books were – you guessed it – from the library (except for the ones on the right; these are mine).

What I took

All the books I took with me. For six days of vacation.

Due to the lack of Internet access and lots of free time, I managed to read quite a lot of them:

Read during holiday

Because this blog posting will be long enough as it is, I will only give shorter opinions on these books and no plot summaries (we’ve got amazon for that, let’s be honest). If you’re interested and want more details (or a translation; for ease, I’ll write about the books in English), hit the “Comment” box below. 🙂 Let’s go! Continue reading

By the Sea

Hello everybody, and welcome back! 😀

As I said, I wasn’t able to post last week – and that was because we went to the North Sea!

08.10. Langeoog 10 Strandblick

We really needed that, I think (especially Philipp. He’s been working LOADS.) and we had a great time. I was a bit worried about whether Continue reading