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I have a question for you all.

Trekking Maxima 992 02

Normally, I roll my eyes whenever I stumble over this online … Questions like “Hey folks, I really want to knit my first patternd pair of socks. What should I knit?” (Dunno. PICK ONE!)

Well, now you can expect me to be suitably humbled (… for a little while) … Because I am asking for opinions.

You see, I have wanted to knit Nurmilintu for a very long time. It is a beautiful design, lace and garter stitch, it’s knit with sock yarn … Everything comes together. Since I had bought this wonderful sock yarn above (ages ago. Must have been when I had finished my M.A. thesis), I had always hesitated to knit socks with it, bcause I thought that socks were “not good enough”. Nurmilintu seemed to be a good match.

Since I didn’t have something to turn in for the HPKCHC September term and October term won’t start until Thursday (now THAT is a surprise!) … I cast on for Nurmilintu last night (because I somehow wasn’t in the mood to pick up the  stitches for the second sleeve of Amiga. I will never get this sweater done …). After knitting happily away for a bit, I started to wonder whether this yarn is really so great for Nurmilintu. I told myself to wait until I had finished the first lace repeat and stall all doubts until then. The first lace repeat starts when you have 79 sts on the needles. I am at 48.

Now, I knew that this project would be bright and have a lot of bright green. Most of my sweaters are grey, brown and dark green (or black. I only own white tank tops). I’ve got brown eyes and brown hair. I think the shawl matches with grey, but I’m not sure about the brown and dark green …

Nurmilintu 01

…. Any thoughts?


P.S.: The yarn is Trekking Maxima in the colourway 920. Click here to see ravelry projects with it …


6 thoughts on “Thoughts?

  1. I think it looks like it’s going to have some really bold striping! But, there was only one project I saw on the page with an example of something similar by Heidi Alexander (k2o). I’d say if you like how that one looked keep going. I actually like that kind of thing-especially with bright colors! But then, I don’t wear many of my knits either lol. You gotta go with your gut though. If the combination turns you off, you’re not too far along to change your mind. You don’t want to spend days invested in a pattern for a result you won’t wear. Another option…which may not be what you’d want to do…but, it just came to me…It’s obvious the colors were meant to be together. But it looks like there’s more green than brown in the yarn. I suppose the brown was meant as an accent color. Just for certain pops like that lace bit here and there. Maybe what’s getting to you is it is taking more of a leading role in the knit at the moment. You could try to snip and reserve the darker color for the lace parts and just use green for the garter stitch. In the lace parts, the brown would not seem as saturated as it is in the garter stitch areas. I can’t say you would like that either for this particular pattern. But, stranger things have happened. 🙂

    • That is a spectuacular idea!!! Thank you so, so much for giving the issue this much thought! HUGS! I had somewhat hoped that the lace repeat might “hit” the red parts, but I never considered tweaking the yarn that way! Woo-hoo! 🙂

  2. personally, I like a pop of colour in my shawls/cowls. I wear a lot of neutrals to work (black, grey) and it’s nice to wear something colourful to go with them. I think if you like to wear something a little bit colourful to go with an otherwise neutral wardrobe, you will be fine.

    • that’s sensible. I do like earthy and neutral tones, but colour is never wrong … So far, I’ve been wearing my Multnomah and my Honey and Lavender shawl to work (the Multnomah is a deep red, the shawl various shades of yellow and a bit of lilac). I think I’ll give it a try. It can’t hurt, right?

  3. Carry on but perhaps fiddle the pattern so you get each lace part in one colour (perhaps the brown if you feel it’s too much of a contrast to the greens). The colours might also appear less dense when you’ve blocked the shawl. Mine grew loads. Also, because of the shape if you wear it wound round your neck, you can adjust it a bit to get the colours you want showing more.

    • That’s true, of course! I think I am using a needle size slightly bigger than you (I’M using a 4,0mm needle), so I am curious how that will look … You’re right of course about adjusting the shawl so the colours suit the sweater (I have to look up this series of pictures that show in which ways you can wear a shawl; I’m not really creative when it comes to that and wear it scarf-style, mostly). THANKS! 🙂

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