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Back from the Crazy Camp!

Back in black
I hit the sack
I’ve been too long I’m glad to be back

(AC/DC Back in Black)

Ruhrtalsocken 07

I’m home!!!

Saturday was a beautiful, beautiful autumn day, with sunshine and clear, blue skies … and here I was, happily trudging along the sidewalk, carrying my bag, my laptop, my purse and another bag … “Back in Black” was playing in my head and I was happy. I was going home.It wasn’t as bad as last year (but thank you so much for the sympathy, everyone!), but man, I’m glad to be home. I don’t know why, but I really like sleeping in my own bed, selecting one of my mugs for tea in the morning, cooking my porridge in our stove and sitting on our sofa in the evening (but the tom snuggled next beside me and purred. That was nice). My parents came back relaxed and happy, having had a wonderful holiday with my grandparents, and everything was fine.

Ruhrtalsocken 05

Apart from relaxing and reading, yesterday saw me knitting up a storm. I finished the second half of the leg, the heel flap, the heel and all of the gusset decreases(!) yesterday, and this late afternoon, shortly after 6pm, my Ruhrtal socks were done.

As you might now (I mention it every now and then), I live in the Ruhrgebiet in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Ruhrgebiet gets its name from the river Ruhr, which has its source in the Sauerland region and flows into the Rhine at Duisburg. It’s a beautiful, beautiful river with lots of twists and turns, and although it is not used for transporting wares anymore, it’s very important for my area (mostly, for recreational purposes).

Source: Wikipedia

Since I couldn’t decide anyway how to name the socks and since the Shiresocks didn’t work out, I named them after the Ruhrtal (which is the area of Witten, Hattingen and the very South of Bochum).

Ruhrtalsocken 06

The second sock was somehow a lot faster than the first; maybe I had gotten used to purling in the round (I think I am slowly but surely learning how to relax; I also had a look in the ravelry forums and learned that ladders in purling will go away after a couple of washes). I wasn’t very patient when it came to the cuff (somehow, I really like the look of twisted ribbing, but am not fond of knitting it).

It also amuses me that both socks came out differently; while the left one (which I knit first) is a bit wild, the second sock dutifully continued to stripe … but I really like that. I was a bit surprised when I weighed them at the end and learned that I could have made them longer (they used up only 59 grams of yarn!), but I guess I was fooled by the stretchyness of the purl sections.

Ruhrtalsocken 08

While I was knitting the first sock, Philipp had already suggested that I could maybe purl the green stitches in the second sock, and I am delighted that I followed his advice (he should be taught how to knit, don’t you think?).

The only trouble I have right now is my stitch gauge … While I could absolutely trust my gauge to be 30 stitches and 40 rows on 10cms on 2,5mm needles in the round (providing a stitch gauge of 7,5sts/inch), this has somehow slightly changed to about 25 stitches (making a stitch gauge of 6,25sts/inch). For socks, this means that I now have to go down to 56 sts to have a comfortably fitting socks. It also means that I worry about the durability of the socks; I am not looking forward to having to keep all the leftovers to be prepared for every single hole these socks might develop.

Ruhrtalsocken 09

So here I am, pondering where on earth I can get 2,25mm needles (I always found them ridiculously unneccessary, which is probably the reason why I could need them now) or if I really should stash more 2,0mm needles and get used to very fiddly knitting. I am very thankful for every suggestion!

Kebnekaise is a pattern I can really see myself working at least a second time in the future. The socks are ravelled here, by the way; I have included all the necessary data.

For now, I am taking a break until Thursday, when the second term of the HPKCHC starts, so that I can plan my projects accordingly and hand in as much as possible. Until then, I have unearthed my Amiga.

Amiga Cardigan 02

And lo and behold, I have almost finished a sleeve.

P.S.: The tom only vomited twice more, both times on Saturday (luckily BEFORE we had swept the floors). While I couldn’t save the plaid on my parents’ bed, I WAS able to shove a newspaper between the floor and the … tom. No biggie.

7 thoughts on “Back from the Crazy Camp!

    • … WOW. Thank you so, so much for your generous request! I am really blown away by this … Thank you!
      The only problem is that I don’t have a paypal account … But might I come back to your offer if I can’t make out needles here? that would be great! thanks so much! 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂 It may have a lot to do with the purling … However, the last socks I knit were also knit at a 56 stitch gauge (the pattern was very stretchy, though …), but I still have them here, so I think I am going to check stitch gauge again. Truth be told, I’m not that fond of having to switch to 2,0mm needles … Not only, because it seems quite fiddly, but also because I’m not so sure how many stitches I need then (I know, REALLY important problems. 😉 ) but I am going to try and knit my next pair of needles on 2,0mm for sure – and see how that one goes.

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