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A Very Bunny Wedding (Pictures. Tons of pictures.)

Hi everybody!

Today I finally want to show you how the bunny-saga ended. The wedding was …. wonderful. Simply wonderful. The church service was long, but not boring (E. surprised us all with an amazing solo – she sang John Legend’s “All of me” in Soprano. That woman has got nerves of steel!), the food was fantastic, we danced a lot, the flashmob we had to practice (to Fergie’s “A little party never killed nobody”) went well … It was an amazing feast. E. and her husband radiated happiness and looked stunning. Both of them. I wish you could’ve been there.

After a good long break yesterday, during which I did nothing but knit and relax, I gathered the best pictures and I am ready to go!

Häschen 1 und 2 03

This was the last picture of the bunny-blopost, I think – by Thursday evening, all the body parts and the pullover were done. I started

the dress that very night and finished it on Friday morning (including a little lace pattern). After breakfast, I took a deep breath and got all the body parts and some pins out.

Häschen natur 01

Then I carefully pinned the body parts together to see how everything fit and to get a better idea of where I should sew … The “eyes” of the bunny are black pins as well and were used for orientation.

Erster Kopf 01

The first thing I did was to sew on the face (I figured that if I messed up this would be easiest to correct. While stitching the nose and the mouth was relatively easy, the eyes were more difficult – it had been ages since I had done a French Knot and it didn’t come out right (the ears are still pinned to the head in this picture).

After the face was done, I had a little break, drank a glass of water and then set up camp on the living room table – the light was better (I could sit facing the window) and there wasn’t as much distraction.

I wrote an email to Philipp and asked him what he thought about the face, with strict instructions to pleasepleaseplease NOT be nice, but HONEST about it (nobody wants a “Coraline”-Bunny on their wedding). He liked it, so I started sewing the head onto the body:

Nähen 02

And then continued with the other body parts:

Nähen 04

Finally, the only things left to sew on were the ears, but I waited with that until Philipp was home, so we could decide on the position of the ears.

Nähen 06

The next big thing was the dress. Somebody of the NQFY group had been nice enough to remind me of this brilliant Knitty article, and I skimmed it one last time. I didn’t have time for blocking the dress though, so I simply positioned it with pins

Kleid 01

And then started sewing up the dress from the bottom up.

Kleid 03

As you can see, this is not the neatest seam, but I think I did okay for the first time … (I have to confess that I didn’t bother a lot with neat finishes when I sewed on the body parts, because they would all be hidden by the dress anyway).

Kleid 04

This is the lace pattern I picked, by the way! You cannot see it very well, but it’s the same I used for Little M.’s socks ages ago.

Häschen 1 02

Quite nice from the front, eh? By now, Philipp was home and while he got himself something to eat, I sewed on the face of the gray rabbit and started to sew everything together. I remembered that we needed a little card for our present and we agreed to drive to the Ruhrpark (a big shopping centre, the link leads you to the Wikipage. Only German. Sorry.) to buy that and to look for different eyes, since I wasn’t happy with the French Knots (they were already coming off. Coraline, I tell you).

Before we went, I sewed in the ends of the pullover.

Pullover 01

After we had finished our shopping, we dropped by my parents’ who went to holiday the next day to say goodbye. This took a bit longer than we thought, but when we got home, I sewed on the ears and eyes immediately, and since I really concentrated (the workspace in the living room was truly great), both bunnies were finished soon after:

Häschen 1 03

(I think she looks a lot more alive now. Don’t you? But not in a scary way. The eyes just gave her more personality.)

Häschen 2 02

(I almost forgot: I didn’t reknit the gray feet. Yes, the left one is a bit longer than the right one, but I sewed the right one onto the back of the body and the right one to the front. I hope that this was okay … I started reknitting the foot but that would’ve taken until after midnight. I closed the seams of the pullover after Bunny II had put it on, by the way.)

Here is the happy couple:

Häschen 1 und 2 04

I love them. They look really cute. It even didn’t bother me that she was a bit more slender than him, I think that fit nicely together.

Meanwhile, Philipp had decorated the basket:

Fertig 01

Isn’t he great? The red ribbon was his idea, and he had bought the pillowcase as well and came up with the neat idea of putting the card onto the pillowcase with a bit of double-sided Tesa. The bunnies made themselves comfortable

Fertig 03

and snuggled the real present between them (money):

Fertig 02

(Philipp decorated the box as well. Like a boss.)

At about half past midnight, we wrapped the basked (my gran gave it to me before the move because she didn’t need it anymore and I had asked for this one) and everything was done:

Fertig 05

And so the bunnies made their way to the wedding to bring lots and lots of joy and give the couple our heartfelt love for them.

Fertig 07

And they did really well.




Verwendete Wolle

I really liked the colour palette for this project. I had decided on natural tones (soft white and charcoal gray instead of black for the pullover) and I think that this went really well with the white of the pillow case, the red ribbon and the light brown of the basket.


All that’s left are a couple of threads and a lot of pride. Philipp and me worked as a team and while decorating the basket didn’t take as long as knitting and sewing up the bunnies, Philipp drove around a lot for everything and paid for the rest of stuff. (I am especially happy that for once, I had a good idea in time and not on the evening before the big event. But that’s just by the by.)

When we presented the basket to E. and her husband, both were over the moon with joy. “THEY ARE SO CUTE!”, they exlaimed unisono, and when we told them that the “real” present was in the box between them, they couldn’t quite believe it. I think we managed to get them a really, really good wedding present, and that makes me so happy that I only minded it a bit when the groom (still beside himself with joy) exclaimed for a second time: “THEY ARE SO CUTE! TINY MICE!”


13 thoughts on “A Very Bunny Wedding (Pictures. Tons of pictures.)

  1. Looks like bunnies/mice were a hit! They really are adorable. They have a wonderful vintage look to them. I can see them placed in a shadow box with the couples wedding invitation. Well done! Koko:)

    • Yes, thank you! “Vintage” was exactly what I was aiming for! (that’s why I was a bit reluctant to buy the eyes, to be honest. I thought they’d look better stitched on, but since I couldn’t do that properly, buying eyes and sewing them on was way better). I am not sure what will happen with the bunnies (and I will NOT ask E., I don’t want her to feel like she’s got to get them out whenever I drop by!), but MAYBE they will be put on a shelf. We’ll see. 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 When I showed the bunnies in the NQFY group, somebody said that “the bunnies seem like a big present already”, but I didn’t want to give something purely decorative, since they explicitely asked for money. The “real” present will come in handy, because they wanted to go travelling for a bit – and they might be moving in a couple of months. Since I knit a lot and E. knows this, I thought this was the perfect combination. 🙂

  2. Very cute. You did an excellent job! I don’t think I’ll ever have enough patience to make a toy. Can’t stand all that seaming, picking up stitches… and all those ends D:

    • Thank you so much! 🙂
      I have to admit that I was quite scared of stitching everything together at first. According to the pattern instructions, you knit all the parts flat and then seam them later. I tried that at first (very smartly slipping the first stitch of every row to complicate seaming) and then decided that this wasn’t for me. After I knit everything in the round, there was almost no seaming left – only the bottoms of the feet and the bottom of the body (and these went really quick, I promise). Seaming itself also didn’t take that long; I might not have done the neatest job, but it looked okay and I was fine with the result. 🙂

      I have to admit that I wasn’t such a big fan of knitting about 12-19 stitches on DPNs. Although I love to knit socks … this was very fiddly. :/ But Christmas is coming … And I have unholy thought of a pair of elderly looking bunnies in my head … For my grandparents …

      • Hmm. You have almost convinced me to knit a toy. There are some patterns in my favorites that are knit in the round I think. I’ve knit small tubes and i-cords through magic loop, but it has to be bamboo needles for me. My usual metal ones are not grappy enough.
        Oh man elderly looking bunnies sound so cute! Good luck on them 🙂

      • Teh-he …. Maybe you could chose one of them which doesn’t have a lot of single parts to sew together and then knit one in the round and see how you like it. 🙂 I prefer wooden DPNs, too! Bamboo needles bend too much after a while, but I have some from Knitpro (which is the European version of KnitPicks, AFAIK) and they are simply GREAT … I still use Bamboo needles for the large sizes, from 3,0mm up, and they are simply a joy to work with. I have a couple of metal needles, too (some bought by me, but a lot from my gran and my mum gave me two or three sets of DPNs as well), but they hardly get used. 😉

        I’ll see what happens to the elderly bunnies … 😉

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