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Big Plans and Little Items (The Forgotten Projects III)

The bunnies are done! I can’t quite believe it … I got them done in time (which is, earlier than Midnight on Friday), and I am going to show them later this week (sorry, but I want to write a good blog post. They deserve it.) This is gonna be good! 🙂

Since the last two days have been days of resting, I think that now is the time to show you two little items I made and to talk about what’s next!

Stashbuster Beanie

This little hat was knit in May (that makes it the third Forgotten Project featured on the blog), and I used up the leftovers from the gray merino yarn I used for my Northsea Hat – and also, some weird leftovers in light blue acrylic something. Whatever it is – it’s plastic; I knew I bought this when I wanted to crochet a dolphin, but I cannot remember how old I was. Definitely a teenager. I used this pattern (which is really good!) and although I had a little bit less yardage and I didn’t swatch (I seldom swatch for tiny hats), it turned out fine. I only omitted the last purl round in the decreases and decreased every row until I came to “k5, k2tog” . I was okay. The hat will definitely go to goodwill (by now, I have a whole bag of stuff, and I really need to cart it off soon). Ravelled here.

Tribble Scrubber 02

Then there was this. A Tribble! Whoever doesn’t know what a Tribble is, click here and educate yourself. 🙂 This tribble, though, is tame … So far, its behaviour has simply been superb and it is really looking forward to help my granddad with the dishes. This scrubby was knit out of some yellow cotton wool my gran gave me:

Spezial Strick und Häkelgarn gelb

And yes, that’s the same yarn I already made the yellow dishcloth out of. 😉 I quite like it – there are only 3 grams of leftovers, but since I have another yarn in shocking pink, I can knit another Tribble and incorporate these leftovers completely. 🙂 This one was handed in to the Durmstrang Challenge of the Triwizard Tournament in the HPKCHC challenge (so far, I’m doing fine. Three classes handed in, two Detention projects done.) The Tribble is ravelled here.


Now, on to the plans!

Purpurne Fluesse 03

I am still knitting on the socks for Little M.’s gran (they got laid aside when I got serious with the bunnies), but I have turned the heel of the second sock today and started the decreases. 🙂 I am very happy with them! (Although the left side of the instep begins to act funny. We’ll see how that one goes.)

And then I am already eyeing my next projects …

Auenlandsocken 03

Of course, I could frog these socks out and knit them finally as vanilla socks or with the Kebnekaiser pattern. But somehow, I don’t want to … And of course, I could finally knit a decent swatch for my Margot Sweater and get going with that:

Margot_Sweater SwatchOR, I could be sensible and FINALLY finish my Amiga Cardigan:

Amiga Cardigan 02

I still haven’t photographed it properly. But YES, the back is done, and so is the first sleeve (on the left side on this photo – it’s the right sleeve). On the other hand, I have this:


And could get a headstart on Christmas knitting for my grandmother (I wanted to knit her some spacloths, but I am still a bit sceptical. This cotton yarn is not very soft. Does anyone use that actually? Is mercenerised cotton better? Or worse?) … or for Little P., my cousin’s soon-to-be-four year-old son:

Sport- und Strumpfwolle_dunkelrot

(I already have the cutest pattern for these socks in mind. Believe me. There is also a great, great book which would fit perfectly, but that would be really expensive and I don’t want her to think that she has to get me something equally pricy … You know how these things are).

And last but not least, Philipp has deserved some new socks as well and I could use up the yarn I bought for him during the Supermassive Stash Haul and knit him some beautiful vanilla socks.

Opal Schafpate Flocke

Plus a thousand other things from my queue right now. This scarf is nice, don’t you think? I thought that this yarn might go well with it:

Monika design Baby Alpaka 02

375 metres of Baby Alpaca yarn. 🙂


Ahhh, decisions, decisions …

Take care, you all! See you soon! 🙂

Edit to add: As Philipp was proofreading the blog post, I checked my knitting. It’s not the left side of the instep that’s acting funny. I simply f*cked up the whole instep.


3 thoughts on “Big Plans and Little Items (The Forgotten Projects III)

    • That’s true! Although it’s a bit weird, I think … Even the heel of the first sock feels like “Yeah, I’m almost there!” – although there is still so much to knit! Especially the gusset decreases, if you knit top-down. When I began to knit socks, I didn’t like that part, like I didn’t like the heel flap. Turning the heel was always fun, but heel flap and gusset decreases … Meh.. (that has changed since my gauge relaxed so much that I can now knit socks for me with 56 sts instead of 60).

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