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Bunny, Bunny Bunny …. Ain’t it funny …

Disclaimer: Updates will be posted at the end of the article!


Why, why, why can’t I deal sensibly with certain deadlines? When I decided to knit the bunnies, it was march. Now I have to finish them until the day after tomorrow … And this is how far I am.

Häschen 1 und 2 02

I have to do something about Rabbit II’s uneven feet (more stuffing?) and Rabbit I needs another leg and possibly two new arms. I also have to knit a tiny pullover and a tiny dress. Yay!

I started the pullover the day before yesterday though and will finish it shortly after 3pm, I guess. Although I am somewhat nervous. Sewing is not my strongest skill, and I have never used mattress stitch before (let’s not talk about the whip stitch please, whatever that is – I’ll do a google search later).

Luckily, I don’t have to work neither today nor tomorrow, so that buys me more time … I’ve got a bit of a headache I feel a cold coming and my period’s playing up today (that happens rarely, but of course, today’s the day!), but I am huddled up on the sofa, with water and tea and Gronkh’s “The Witcher III” – Let’s Play – and I am ready to get some stuff done!

My plan is to knit everything that’s still missing and then to start the sewing this evening or tomorrow. I am so happy that I decided to knit everything in the round, though … This won’t work for the dress and the pullover, but I’ll manage. Hopefully.

I thought about writing this blog posting as a live report, by the way … And I am curious how that goes! Wanna join me? Cheer me on!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Finished the pullover, stuffed the body of the brown bunny and started with the missing foot. I might have to reknit both feet, but I will deal with that when I get to it. 🙂

Update 1


Damn, I really need to hurry up! Got distracted – but one of the feet is finished. Best foot so far! (I just realised that I might have to reknit the gray feet as well. Joy oh joy … But I’ll leave that until the end. Finishing the rest is most important right now.

Update 2


Started the second foot, but of course made a mistake right at the beginning … Damn, I forgot to have lunch. Okay dokay, I’m off to eat something and then tackle that foot again …



I finished the second foot! After dunch (dinner that was actually a lunch) and a hot shower, I started again …

Update 3

Philipp is currently stuffing that little leg (I already sewed up the bottom) and I will knit the missing arm. After that, I’ll see how late it is and then I can start the dress … I want to include a tiny lace pattern and I’m curious whether it will look good on the tiny dress! I’m afraid that the clothes will be a bit tight, to be honest … But as before: I’ll deal with that when I get to it. 🙂

Here’s proof that I have finished both legs!

Update 4

On I go …

11.30pm (last update for today!)

Yay! All the body parts are done and stuffed! 🙂

Update 5

I did consire reknitting the feet of the gray bunny and one of the brown bunny’s arms, but I will start the dress before I go to bed and then, tomorrow, I will start with the faces and with the sewing. I’ll be sewing from the top down (starting with the head, the ears go last) and IF there is enough time left and IF I am still in possession of my wits, I might reknit the feet. But that’s not for tonight to decide.

So far, the bunnies are done and I am quite happy with their looks:

Häschen 1 und 2 03

Thank you so much for joining me today! I will concentrate on sewing tomorrow (I have to), so I won’t do a blog post … But I’ll try and show you everything on Sunday! If that doesn’t happen, come back on Monda- I’ll have the pictures ready by then. 🙂

Good night! Sleep tight!

Julia 🙂



12 thoughts on “Bunny, Bunny Bunny …. Ain’t it funny …

  1. Go for it! While you knit teeny tiny bunny bits, I’ll try to finish the huge sleeve of hubby’s jumper – 90 rows knitted, 120+ to go (54″ chest). Bet you finish first!

      • Well, sleeve was coming along fine until I realised I’d made n error and had to pull back 29 rows 😦 ah well, will continue today….

      • Maybe this will help: These were ONLY 29 rows. Better than having the damn thing finished and on the blocking board when you notice this … You’ll get there! Sending good thoughts your way! 🙂

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