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A little clean sloth (or: The Forgotten Projects II)

Do you know these days when you have a really long to-do list, but cannot bring yourself to start?

Thursday was such a day.

Dishcloths orange und gelb

I don’t know why. All I know is that

I had one free day before another long day at work on Friday and before I had to go to Bonn for the weekend to present my dissertation (everything went fine, by the way!). Although the trip to Bonn wasn’t as time-consuming as the previous one in Tuebingen in February (we left yesterday at noon and I came back this late afternoon already), the weekend was mostly gone, and since I’ll work long tomorrow as well, I will be off to bed after this blog posting is finished …

Dishcloth orange 01

I knew that I had to proofread my PowerPoint Presentation and my handouts (do you say that in English, by the way? Or is this another weird German attempt to sound English, like the word “Handy” for “Mobile Phone”?), do some last-minute shopping and blog … Oh, and I also wanted to work on Rabbit I and II.

Dishcloth orange 02

But somehow, this (almost) didn’t happen. At least, it took ages to get me started. I drank tea. I sewed in the ends of the orange dishcloth above so I could hand it in into Detention (yes, I am playing in the Harry Potter Knitting/Crocheting House Cup (HPKCHC) this term! I didn’t get sorted, so I play as a “Not Quite First Year” (NQFY), but it’s great! I really want to knit a lot of stuff.) …

Ceranfeldlappen 02

And I knit on this. This dishcloth is the first of a couple I promised to knit my gran for her ceramic stove top. It was among the yarns she gave me and since I have a tiny bit of leftovers, I am now making a little scrubber as well … This one got submitted for the “Flying Class”.

Spezial Strick und Häkelgarn gelb

This is the yarn, by the way. I did my shopping and tried to proofread, but somehow, I was tired and worn out … At five o’clock, I ate porridge and huddled up in a large sweater. I drank lots of tea and when Philipp came home, I practiced my presentation one more time and that was that …

Dishcloths orange und gelb

… but I guess that sometimes, you’ve gotta take it slow.

7 thoughts on “A little clean sloth (or: The Forgotten Projects II)

  1. You still got a lot of things done! The dishcloths look lovely. Did you know that my very first knitting project was a dishcloth? My grandmother knitted them (it was the only thing she knitted) and that was how I learned!

    • Thanks … That really makes me feel a bit better. Sometimes, I put so much stuff on my to-do list in the morning and then beat myself up internally when I didn’t manage to get it all done ..

      About the dishcloth: No, I didn’t know that! I have to admit that I never heard of knit dishcloths before I joined ravelry a couple of years ago! Dishcloths, for me, were something that would be bought and then, if they became too ratty, thrown out. I was very sceptical at first, but by now, I quite like them for their durability and thoroughness. Philipp already used our new one (the orange one) while he was cleaning the counters this weekend and said it was really good! I think I will make more. That will also help to reduce a lot of waste. 🙂

  2. Beautiful cloths!! I love the colors! Oranges are my favorites. 🙂

    I was just thinking the other day how difficult it is to take things slow in a fast-paced society. Looks like you’ve got the right idea though. Get a warm meal to cozy in with and take a nap! I like that idea!!

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