I have a question for you all.

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Back from the Crazy Camp!

Back in black
I hit the sack
I’ve been too long I’m glad to be back

(AC/DC Back in Black)

Ruhrtalsocken 07

I’m home!!!

Saturday was a beautiful, beautiful autumn day, with sunshine and clear, blue skies … and here I was, happily trudging along the sidewalk, carrying my bag, my laptop, my purse and another bag … “Back in Black” was playing in my head and I was happy. I was going home. Continue reading

A Very Bunny Wedding (Pictures. Tons of pictures.)

Hi everybody!

Today I finally want to show you how the bunny-saga ended. The wedding was …. wonderful. Simply wonderful. The church service was long, but not boring (E. surprised us all with an amazing solo – she sang John Legend’s “All of me” in Soprano. That woman has got nerves of steel!), the food was fantastic, we danced a lot, the flashmob we had to practice (to Fergie’s “A little party never killed nobody”) went well … It was an amazing feast. E. and her husband radiated happiness and looked stunning. Both of them. I wish you could’ve been there.

After a good long break yesterday, during which I did nothing but knit and relax, I gathered the best pictures and I am ready to go!

Häschen 1 und 2 03

This was the last picture of the bunny-blopost, I think – by Thursday evening, all the body parts and the pullover were done. I started Continue reading

Big Plans and Little Items (The Forgotten Projects III)

The bunnies are done! I can’t quite believe it … I got them done in time (which is, earlier than Midnight on Friday), and I am going to show them later this week (sorry, but I want to write a good blog post. They deserve it.) This is gonna be good! 🙂

Since the last two days have been days of resting, I think that now is the time to show you two little items I made and to talk about what’s next!

Stashbuster Beanie

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