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Temporary Amnesia

I do not know what’s wrong with my brain.

Micro Classic 01


Because after I bought the wool for another sweater (there are four more balls, and never mind that I have two more cardigan/sweater quantities of yarn in my stash already that haven’t been knit up yet (we will not speak about the Amiga Cardigan. No.)) ….

I bought more yarn.


You heard me.

By now, I don’t fight any more.

I am officially giving up. The stash has grown by 2,5kg (yes, I am not kidding), and I can not only kiss my 2015 goal of stashbusting goodbye, but bury it six feet deep.

By now, I am just leaning back and listen to all the excuses my brain comes up with for buying even more yarn, even though I do not need it and even though I gulped HARD when I added up the money I spent on yarn in the excel spreadsheat (note: I only add the price of the yarn I buy. Of course I do not enter the price of yarn I have been gifted).

Take this.

Sport- und Strumpfwolle_dunkelrot

Last weekend, my elder cousin came to Bochum, together with her husband and Little P. (You might remember Little P. I knit him a hat in 2012) and I got to spent Sunday and Monday with them. It was ace. I love my cousin so much (she is living in the South of Germany and it’s been years since we have seen each other), her husband is a really cool, nice guy and Little P. is a friendly, charming, happy child. He is turning 4 this year, and when I asked him about his favourite colour, his dad answered: “Red.” My cousin confirmed that Little P. likes woolen socks (told ya. He’s ace.) and so I will knit him a pair of woolen socks for his birthday or Christmas – probably Christmas (his birthday is on the 4th of December). Of course, I don’t have red yarn in my stash. Lots of blue (which, according to my cousin, suits him better than red), but no red. So there’s that.

Then there was this.


Since my grandparents moved, they have a new oven now – it doesn’t operate on gas anymore, but electricity, and when I visited them the week before last, my gran asked me about the best way to clean the ceran panel. I use a knit dishcloth for that and agreed to knit my gran one (she offered to buy the yarn). On my way home, my brain decided that it would be an amazing idea to knit my gran a stack of washcloths for Christmas and gift them along with an expensive bar of soap. Never mind that I inherited a stack of cotton woolrecently (by my gran) that I could have used not only for her washcloths, but also for knitting cloths for the ceran panel! Off to the shop I went, and that was that.

Sport- und Strumpfwolle_natur

This one though … This one seems halfway valid. This is going to be Rabbit I’s white dress, and I thought a softer white would match Rabbit I’s soft brown fur better than bright white cotton. Luckily, I still have leftovers from Dad’s hat, so Rabbit II’s jumper will be charcoal gray instead of deep black (which should suit his gray-brown fur better). The gray-brown yarn also went into my stash, by the way.

And let’s not speak of the Merino fiber that I bought today …


Take care and have a wonderful start into your week, my friends!


P.S.: Rabbit I and Rabbit II are this far:

Häschen 1 und 2 01

P.P.S.: The handmade festival will not be in town until 2017. Maybe I should consider myself lucky.

2 thoughts on “Temporary Amnesia

  1. You are funny. 🙂 Enjoy your budding stash! I have a ceramic stove top as well. I use a special cleaner that I got from the supermarket and also a special glass scraper for any hard to remove bits. I learned the hard way that you cannot scrub the glass top with harsh washing pads!! The cotton dish cloths will be fine.

    • Yes! We also have a scraper (although I am always afraid to do more damage than good on the glass), but I didn’t buy a special cleaner for that (my mum has one, though). I do hope that the cotton cloths will work on that – Philipp recently expressed a bit of doubt about that. 😉 but so far, everything’s fine.

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