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A bit of This, a bit of That

I really wish I could say that Rabbit I and Rabbit II were finished. I already glanced at the instructions for sewing everything up and it frightens me a bit.

Not the best conditions … But maybe, I should just jump into it and get (finally) going?

August Challenge 06

Instead, I spun some more of my Irish Fiber. There is no way that I can finish the challenge of spinning 1 ounce until Monday, but I have spun a lot (I hope that you can see or imagine how much fiber is already on that spindle!). I am really paying attention to winding the cop this time and so far, I think I have more yarn on the spindle than ever before.

I wind straight and criss-cross, but I stop criss-crossing when the criss-crossing has happened everywhere on the spindle (wow. I never knew I’d use this word thrice in one sentence). I am halfway (maybe a little more) through the first half of fiber … All in all, I have 36 grams of this. I only hope that the yardage is sufficient to knit something bigger than a headband or  a bookmark for a change!

These socks

Purpurne Fluesse 02

have been worked on as well, and the first one is finally finished! I really should work more on rabbit, but I guess I’ll do that tomorrow … Sigh …

Then I am debating whether I should frog and finish these socks for me

Auenlandsocken 03

and knit them in stockinette or as Kebnekaiser Socks or get started on a pair for Philipp instead, using this yarn:

Opal Schafpate Flocke

I don’t have any real patterns in mind; I guess I’ll just knit him a pair of vanilla socks.

And then, I could always work some more on my blanket.

15-stitch blanket 10

If only Rabbit I and II were done already …


Sorry for the blahblah. I’ll try to get stuff DONE, so I can show you something decent this weekend. Is that alright?

Take care, friends!

Love ya.


2 thoughts on “A bit of This, a bit of That

  1. I love all the in progress pics! Um…your spinning is looking sumptuous! I think it’s time to go to 4 ounces…36 grams is such a tease when you can spin like that.

    I adore that log cabin blanket though! It’s so colorful! I know one of my friends has been working on a blanket for her son to take to college when he goes. I’ve been debating whether I should for Boy Child too…He’s such a carefree type. I don’t know he’ll appreciate it just yet. But, I’m thinking it over just as a “give it to him when he’s ready” kind of thing. A log cabin blanket for him might be a nice project! Thanks for posting this!

    • Thank you so much for that compliment! Coming from you, that means a lot to me. 🙂 My blanket is made with sock yarn scraps, so it’s growing slowly … I think the original pattern calls for Worsted or Aran weight, that would be a lot quicker if he can’t make up his mind yet. 😉

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