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The Forgotten Projects I: Porridge Socks

Porridge Socks 01

I have good and bad news for you. The bad news is that I do not have any new pictures of current projects to share with you. The sock for Little M.’s gran hasn’t grown much since the last time I showed it to you (or rather: It has, but that’s not particularly interesting), and Rabbit is driving me crazy as it is. He is still in Frankenstein-state, but bred a little friend who is created right now. Rabbit I and Rabbit II will get something to wear as well, and I still have to sew them together … By now, I’d much rather knit on something else. Something for me. It doesn’t matter what it is, a pair of vanilla socks, a sweater, a scarf … But alas, that cannot be.

The good news is that, although there is nothing new, I can show you a pair of socks I somehow forgot/didn’t get to blog about! I don’t know why … I’ve got the photos, I’ve got the socks … But somehow, the blog post never happened. So I call them “The Forgotten Projects” and drag them into the spotlight a little later than originally planned. 🙂

Porridge Socks 01

I knit these socks during Easter, that much I remember. I had wanted to make them for ages – they are another of Purrlescent’s beautiful sock patterns and had been in my queue forever. Originally, the are called Effervesce, but when I stumbled on them again, I decided that the bubbles reminded me of the bubbling milk in my morning porridge. And thus, they were called “Porridge Socks” and I was set on a colour as well.

Porridge Socks 02

Just to be clear: The colour is not beige. The colour is porridge. 😉 It’s the standard Strumpf- und Sportwolle Classic from Wolle Rödel , and when I finally made it into the shop to get the yarn (back in the days when I could buy more yarn without my conscience trying not only to bite me, but rather to drag me out of the shop immediately), I found it to be a little bit … erm … beige. But! No. It’s not beige. It’s porridge.

Porridge Socks 05

This pattern is a perfect example of the fact that not every pattern that looks scary (because it has many charts or detailed, big charts, etc.) must be very difficult. Not at all. I made the middle-sized version with 66 sts for my shoe size (European 38) and they fit me fine. Although there is a lot of cabling involved, the ribbing (which grows bigger and bigger) provides sufficiant amount of stretch. No worries. (If you look closely, you can see it in the photo above. But the pattern page is even better. I didn’t think of asking Philipp to photograph the socks from the side where the ribbing happens).

Porridge Socks 06

I brought the pattern to my parents on Easter Sunday (because sometimes it’s a little easier to have a lot of family time when you’ve got a project 😉 ) and it worked absolutely fine. I needed the charts until the end, I think (left and right sock mirror each other), but due to the pattern, knitting remained interesting and keeping track of the rows was easy (although I was playing it safe and marked my finished rounds with a pencil).Porridge Socks 07

Everything about the socks is beautiful. The heel flap is very nice, I even knit the toe according to pattern and the socks are almost too beautiful to wear them under a jeans and hidden in shoes … My only pet peeve is that I could have knit the cuff a little bit longer. Again, I really recommend this pattern. I am really looking forward to knit another of Purrlescent’s patterns – if only I could bring myself to buy more unicoloured sock yarn …

The project is ravelled here!

I’m off to knit another rabbit leg … And then see whether I can pull myself together to make more progress on the socks for Little M.’s gran … MAYBE I’ll manage to knit something for me before it gets to Christmas knitting. AAARGH!

Take care, folks! 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Forgotten Projects I: Porridge Socks

    • Thank you! 🙂 I do hope that the rabbits will look decent in the end. It doesn’t help that the pattern asks you to knit everything flat and seam the pieces together (I already altered that to knit eveything in the round, because now is not the time to learn mattress stitch!). The clothes, however, are knit flat as well and have to be seamed … and I still haven’t decided whether I’d use a cotton I have in my stash or buy even more sock yarn … Oh my …

  1. That is a spectacular sock pattern, and you did a fantastic job knitting it up. And you made me hungry for porridge. When my kitchen is functioning again (and it shouldn’t be long now because the cabinets are going in today), I’m going to make some porridge.

    • Thank you so much! I had that pattern in my queue for … I don’t know … At least one year, I suppose.
      It’s so great that your kitchen renovation is FINALLY coming to an end! It’s high time …
      If you like, I could share my everyday recipe for porridge! 🙂

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