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Happy 86th Birthday!

About two weeks ago, my granddad turned 86.

I cannot believe that he is that old. He doesn’t seem like 86. In his heart, he’s younger.

Ficolana arwetta classic

Anyway, my grandparents will be on holiday with my parents at the end of September. Like two years before, they will go to the North Sea (to Horumersiel. Yeah, my family seems to have taken quite a liking to that spot).

Well, I almost immediately decided that I wanted to knit my granddad a scarf. I never have before (and he has plenty of socks). Well, I chose Henry, a pattern from 2007’s Knitty, and as I told you before, Philipp and me went to Dortmund to visit Tinkus, where the Supermassive Stash Haul happened – and during which I bought 200 grams of Filcolana yarn in a wonderful red. We had a bit of a discussion in the shop – Philipp pointed out that the red was maybe a bit bold, but in the end , I went for it, because my granddad wears darker jackets and you will only see a bit of the scarf then. Also, he hasn’t got a problem with brighter colours.

roter Schal 01

Casting on became a bit of an adventure – I hadn’t used a Tubular Cast On for quite some time (the first project were my Endpaper Mitts, I believe), but in the end, I figured it out (I used a 3,0mm needle for Cast On and Bind Off). The weather got warm, I knit on the scarf steadily … And watched approximately 40 episodes of Gronkh’s Let’s Play for “The Witcher III” (which is amazing).

Roter Schal 03

In the end, I had to hurry a bit – the 30th of July was approaching rapidly, and I still had a Bind Off to do! When my gran had seen the scarf in between, she had advised me to only go for five repeats instead of six, and I am glad that I did that, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to hit the deadline.

Roter Schal 02

Now, for Henry, there are tons of useful notes in people’s pattern projects. Quite a lot of folks substituted the given Cast On and Bind Off for other versions (for example, a knitted Cast On and a regular Bind Off), because both sides do not quite match each other (or maybe they do, but it seems hard to accomplish that. Also, you have to work very accurately, because otherwise, the edges will not be as neat.

Roter Schal 05

See what I mean? Well, I decided that I was good to go (there were two stitches that I had missed, but they got sewed into the project without bigger problems, so the whole project was done and secure when I had sewn in the last end) with the given instructions and I think the project turned out quite okay.

Roter Schal 04

I really like the look of this scarf. It looks elegant and sophisticated (although I didn’t block or wash the scarf before I gifted it – I hadn’t enough time, but since the yarn is machine washable at 30°C, I don’t think there will be a problem).

I wrapped it:

Roter Schal 06

And gave it to my granddad when we visited him on his birthday to help with unpacking all the boxes from the move (moving at my grandparents’ age (82 and 86) isn’t something they advice. My gran suggests 70 as the absolute maximum). We were able to help them enough so that most of the stuff was unpacked after two days already and they are 99% done now with everything, but the stress was immense. My granddad was mildly surprised when my gran congratulated him on Thursday morning – he had completely forgotten that it was his birthday!

While he was feeling the package, he smiled at me. “Oh, did you make me socks again?” he asked, but I only grinned back. And then he opend the package and the next moment, he gave me a great big happy hug and his face lit up with joy. He loves the colour, the length and the warmth of the scarf (I had worried mostly about the scarf being too short) and is now looking forward to their holiday at the seaside, when he can wear the scarf for the very first time.

Roter Schal 07

And yes, this is my granddad posing in a jacket with the new scarf on the new balcony on July 30. Because that’s how cool he is. 🙂


P.S.: The project is ravelled here. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Happy 86th Birthday!

    • Thank you so much! I agree with you on the design, I love it because of its classic looks. I do not know whether I’d make five of them (like another raveller did, I REALLY bow to her patience!), but Philipp already has expressed mild interest and I think I’d knit another one, no problem with that. 🙂

  1. Congratulations on making such a brilliant gift for your grandfather’s birthday! I can see from his posture that he was immensely happy to receive it. Isn’t that just wonderful!!! 🙂

    • thank you so, so much! I am a bit sad that I cannot show you the real picture I made … He is holding his chin a bit high so his face won’t be on camera, but I promised my grandparents not to put them online if they do not want that (and my granddad was totally cool with this photograph going on the blog). The other picture shows his true self, and it makes my soul sing to see it.

      I was so glad when he gave me that hug, he really appreciates the scarf and knows how much work got into it. I hope that I met his taste so he can actually wear it (I think he will) and I cannot think of a better way to say “I love you” than knitting somebody something to keep them warm. 🙂

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