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Can’t talk, ’cause falling asleep

Hi there …

I didn’t plan to go quiet during the last few days, but this week has been intense. I don’t know why. The weather is being crazy at the moment, hot on one day, very humid the next … I don’t stand that very well somehow. I also had to finish an application for a scholarship (here we go again) and worked on refining everything from Monday to Wednesday (with Philipp’s help, he did a fantastic job with proofreading and making suggestions!). Yesterday, I met with my professor and she gave me a few last suggestions and her commendatory letter and I worked her suggestions in and copied and printed stuff and went to the post office and sent it all on its way …

Today, I had to work during the whole day (which was fine, but a bit exhausting because of the humidity). After work, Philipp and me went to the shopping center to try and get me a dress for E.’s wedding (which is next month), but we haven’t been successful so far, so we’ll try somewhere else soon.

Combine this with very few hours of sleep and you will know …

Also, Rabbit is driving me crazy.

Häschen 1 01

I am reknitting his limbs now and it is not difficult, but so TEDIOUS …

I’m going to sleep in tomorrow and then see whether I can show you something decent tomorrow or on Sunday. Hope that this is okay!

Have a great weekend!

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