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Braiding and Flooding: I’m knitting socks for others

I have been doing it.


Flechtsocken 01



Despite my New Year’s resolution being “knit more for myself” (yes, I still set that resolution and by now, it’s accompanied by a grin. I’ll manage a hearty laugh this year), here I go again, knitting lots and lots of things for others. Apart from my granddad’s scarf (I’ll show you that soon, I just didn’t get around to it yet – sorry!) and rabbit (who is still in Frankenstein state, but is getting his limps reknit (in the round. Because that’s how I roll)), I have been and am knitting socks – for E., and also for Little M.’s gran.

The first pair-of-socks-to-be-gifted was for E.

I already mentioned that I was going to knit her socks in this posting, but they got laid aside as I wanted to knit other things (the deadline for the scarf was fast approaching and I started the socks that didn’t work out. Grrr).

Flechtsocken 03

But then, just as I had given my granddad his scarf, E. and I had a lengthy conversation on the phone – and I immediately knew that I wanted to give her the socks as soon as possible. I won’t go into detail here, but sometimes, crappy stuff happens in life and I wanted to show her that I cared.

Flechtsocken 02

As I mentioned before, this is the »Flechtsocken« pattern (meaning something like ›woven socks‹) and because it is very stretchy, I went down to 56 sts on 2,5mm needles. The pattern is a very fast knit and the socks look great – I didn’t have time for taking proper photos, because I finished them only hours before we got to see each other last Wednesday. But she loved the socks and promised me a photo when she will wear them and it feels good to know that I could maybe cheer her up a bit. 🙂

For more information, the socks are ravelled here. 🙂

Now, on to the flooding …

You do remember this ball of yarn, right?

Zitron Trekking XXL purpur

This was bought during the Supermassive Stash Haul and was/is intented for a pair of socks for Little M.’s gran. After the socks that didn’t work out, I decided that I needed a distraction and went searching for a pattern for the socks. Little M.’s gran will get these socks for Christmas, but since I definitely want to avoid last Christmas’s horror scenario, I thought it was only wise to start early.

Purpurne Fluesse 01

After some digging in my queue and pondering, assisted by Philipp (“This looks nice! This doesn’t.”), I finally settled on Sockbug’s River Rapids Socks (link to ravelry pattern) and cast on.

For the first time, that is.

Because after casting on 64sts (the pattern gives gauge for 7,5sts/inch, so it’s hitting my gauge on the head for a change!) and deciding that this was too wide after a couple of rounds, I cast on 60sts. Fun fact: The sock as an 8 stitch pattern repeat. Which I somehow didn’t process in my brain until I had finished the cuff and wondered why I was missing 4 stitches in the first round! (I’m really glad we didn’t do basic maths during my A-Levels.)

Purpurne Fluesse 03

Congratulations, you may cast on for the third time. So I cast on 64 stitches and actually worked the cuff and half a repeat before I tried the sock on and decided that it was too wide. Way too wide.

So I cast on for the fourth time, and since nothing had worked so far, I went down to 56 stitches.

Et voilà.

Purpurne Fluesse 02

I really love how this pattern is coming to life when you wear it (yes, I do wear socks that I want to gift for photos and no, I don’t see a problem with this. My feet are clean.). The repeats are easy to remember and the yarn is just lovely. Even Philipp, who was sceptical in the beginning, was pleasently surprised by how this is turning out.

So let’s hope that I can finish this pair of socks during the course of this month without any bigger catastrophes … Because that would be really a nice change for once in a while.


Have a great start into your week!
Julia 😀



4 thoughts on “Braiding and Flooding: I’m knitting socks for others

    • It was more necessity to be honest. And stubborness. I wasn’t gonna be defeated! 😉 But I am really glad that it worked out after the fourth time … Phew …

  1. Gorgeous socks!

    I have cast on the same sock four or five times until I finally got the result I wanted, so you are in good company. The beauty of socks is that it’s only 50-80 stitches, and you can try them on as you go. You usually discover that a sock is too big or too small, or that you cast on the wrong number of stitches pretty early in the knitting, when you don’t feel so bad about having to start over.

    How are you liking the Trekking Sport? Trekking XXL is one of my very favorite sock yarns. It wears really well, the color ways are virtually always gorgeous when knitted up (none of the ugly pooling and flashing that some yarns produce), and it is pleasant to knit with. I’ve never used the Trekking Sport, but I bet it’s as lovely as the Trekking XXL.

    • First of all: Sorry it took me so long to answer! The last week was somewhat crazy …

      I’m really glad that it wasn’t just me who had problems with making the pattern fit. The socks now fit fine (I’m not sure if you can wear them over socks, but I don’t stress about that) and that’s what counts. Although I have to admit that I got somewhat pissed when I had to cast on for the fourth time … 😉

      The yarn is really nice. I used it on another pair of Little M.’s socks a the year before last(?) and it is soft, feels sturdy and has a very good stitch definition. I don’t get Trekking yarn in the yarn shops in the city centre where I shop most, but it is absolutely lovely and I am going to buy some of it for myself when I have used up stash. It’s a firm plan!

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