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It wasn’t meant to be.

It had started so well.

We met at last year’s Handmade festival and it was fascination at first side. The stripes! The colours!

For a couple of minutes, I was confused as I didn’t know what to take home. The wonderful blue/green combination with the wonderful colourway “Rainy Day”? Or a purple-blue yarn entitled “Tea Party”?



Auenlandsocken 01

And then the KAL for Susie White’s Zigzagular Socks started. And I knew I had the perfect match. I couldn’t participate – I was too busy with other stuff – but I put the pattern firmly on my queue and swore me that I’d knit these socks in the Rainy Day colourway and name the project “Shire Socks”.

Auenlandsocken 02

Yesterday, I finished the heel flap and the heel and even started the gusset decreases.

Auenlandsocken 03

This afternoon, I finished the decreases and knit a couple more rows for the foot. It was smooth sailing. I had all the time in the world to finish these.

And then I tried them on, because something wasn’t right.

And it wasn’t.

Because the stripes are so bold that you do not see the pattern.

And I am probably the only person on ravelry who picked a handdyed yarn (which was quite expensive, by the way) that apparently had the motto “I shall overcome” and refused to be restrained by a pattern.

And the biggest joke of all is that from the photo above, you won’t understand what the problem is.


So off to the frogging pond it goes and I will probably make a pair of http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kebnekaise-socks with the yarn.

So much for a pair of socks for me … Grrr ….


8 thoughts on “It wasn’t meant to be.

    • this is a great suggestion. Thank you so much!!! I had the pattern here somewhere, I have to dig it up on my computer … I am taking a break from them right now, they gave me too much pain. 😉 Yesterday, I started a pair of Christmas present socks and I hope that I’ll get them right … I have now cast on for the THIRD TIME so I should be okay …. (HAHAHAHAHA) 😉

    • Yeah, me too! It was one of the more expensive purchases on that day, but I saw the skeins at the booth (the owners had samples of each colourway knit up, which I loved – it was the only sensible way to show off the gorgeous job Drachenwolle had done) I immediately knew that I wanted the yarn. I don’t regret buying that colourway, but had to restrict myself to one (which is totally okay).

      They rest right now – I started a pair of socks I will give away for Christmas (the yarn was part of the Supermassive Stash Haul in June) and after casting on for the THIRD time (grrrrr) I hope they’ll come out lovely. 🙂

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