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Let’s Spin It!

August Challenge 02

As some of you may know, I occasionally spin. Usually, I use a drop spindle for that – I own an Ashford drop spindle, which weights 26 grams. I am still saving a bit of money for a wheel (I’d really love to get a Ladybug!) and for the meantime, Anna was kind enough to lend me one of her wheels. 🙂

While I am still knitting on E.’s socks (one is finished and I started the heel flap of the second one today!), I want to get more into spinning again. My fiber stash is small (it consists mostly of Merino, which is cool!)

Ideally, the Spindler’s Group started its monthly challenge yesterday! What I like about this group (apart from the gorgeous pictures and the friendly, happy tone) is that the requirements are easy. To complete the challenge, you have to spin 1 ounce of fiber (this is approximately 28 grams) on a spindle, be it a drop spindle, a turkish spindle, a supported one … doesn’t matter, als long as it’s a spindle. You have to post a “before” and an “after” picture, showing the completed fiber. This month’s theme is “gardens”, and although I have some green Merino, I didn’t want to spin this – because I have been spinning it forever (and I still have SO MUCH OF IT).

So this morning, I emptied my spindle of the green Merino (I forgot to take a picture, but I can always show that later, right?) and went through my small fiber stash in search for a match. And I found:

August Challenge 01

Yes. 36 grams of Irish wool that I bought along with my first spindle (which is heavier and a lot bigger than my little Ashford!). The fiber spins lovely, has a better “grip” than Merino and I love the colour … Although I really love the brightly indie-dyed fiber you frequently see in spinning groups (this really is fiber porn!), I am also drawn to natural tones when it comes to myself. I just love them.

To tie this fiber with the “gardens” topic, I did a little search for “Fantasy Gardens” (OMG. I really have to repeat that. That would help me so. much. with my fantasy story ….) and found this picture.

Isn’t this great? Such talent makes my jaw drop every time (plus: I am a sucker for pictures like this. Post-apocalyptical scenarios with abandoned buildings wrapped in nature? Count me in!).

Because I loved the picture so much, I wrote a tiny story for it, to go with the picture and the yarn. Here it is:

As soon as they entered the ruin, Tonka slumped against a pillar.
“I won’t go any further”, he groaned, “I don’t give two stones about what’s in here. If I die, so be it.” He dug his claws into the bark of a nearby try and closed his eyes.

Mir’fil didn’t answer. Her gaze swept over the huge hall, the huge windows at the other side of the hall and the glass-ceiling. “Look how much of it is still intact”, she whispered, “this must’ve been so beautiful when THEY were still alive, don’t you think?”

Ramnir scowled. He still held his bow ready at his side. “I don’t know”, he finally said. It SEEMS to be safe. However …”

Mir’fil looked at him. “We cannot go any further today”, she said. Her horns ruffled through a low hanging branch. “Tonka is absolutely exhausted, and I am starving as well. Look at that puddle over there”, she pointed to a small pool of water in the middle of the ruin, “we can get water here and I am sure that we can build a fire without anybody noticing. We HAVE to eat, Ramnir!”

Ramnir sighed. His tail wooshed through the ferns once; twice; then he folded his wings on his back and nodded. “But not here. We’re going under that arch, near the staircase. Nobody will notice us there. And we can see everything that’s coming near the water.” He prodded Tonka with the tip of his tail. “Come on, Little one. There even is another trunk you can sit against. We’re going to collect twigs and dry leaves and then we’re gonna eat …”

And so the three Traf-var made their way through the ruin towards the arch near the tree, while the setting sun seemed to set the high windows at the end of the hall on fire.


I have already started on my spinning and will post progress pictures, if you are interested! 😀

Have a great start into the week!





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