Temporary Amnesia

I do not know what’s wrong with my brain.

Micro Classic 01

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A bit of This, a bit of That

I really wish I could say that Rabbit I and Rabbit II were finished. I already glanced at the instructions for sewing everything up and it frightens me a bit.

Not the best conditions … But maybe, I should just jump into it and get (finally) going?

August Challenge 06

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Books for August

Do you remember when I told you I wanted to write about the books I read?

Well, today is the first time I am doing this. From now on, there will be two blog posts per month, in which I am talking about the books I want to read or have been reading (I can’t promise everything, but I have good intentions).  Mostly, I will talk about library books, but I will also include my own books, because there are loads on my shelves which I haven’t read yet …

August 2015

To make it more convenient for you, I will do two things. First, I created a category called “books” and I will tag all blog posts about literature accordingly. Second, I put the word “Books” in all the blog posts concerning literature and reading, so that those of you who are not interested in literary content can pass on that blog posting. If I am talking about a knitting book, I will let you know in the title.

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