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Ah, what the Heck …

Okay, y’all. I don’t care.

I don’t care that my stash is overflowing, that I have now 111 entries on my stash page and that I could probably knit for more than a year if I wasn’t allowed to buy yarn until 2017…

I had to buy some wool.

Sock wool, to be precise. I had seen the yarn on Cassy’s blog in action, and that reminded me that I wanted that yarn.

What yarn? This one:

Regia Design Line Arne & Carlos 01

Now, I know it doesn’t look like much – but look how it knits up!

Like Cassy, I bought the Fall Night colourway, and I am lusting after Summer Night and Twilight.

I already know what to do with this: I’m gonna knit myself socks, as high as I can get. I already checked out some patterns for knee socks on ravelry and I am really looking forward to casting on! Maybe I’m gonna knit the socks in the fall … Summer knit (the colourway Cassy is knitting herself socks with right now) would make a great stockinette shawl in my opinion. I am already thinking about getting more … Precioussss ….

Regia Design Line Arne & Carlos 02

To top it off, I still have that gift certificate my boss-boss gave me for my birthday, and I plan on spending a bit of it on Micro Classic (ravelry link). Yes, it’s 100% micro fiber, but my gran made me a sweater out of it a couple of years ago, and it’s warm and still keeps its shape and it can be thrown into the washing mashine with no problem … It’s great. Yardage is 260m per 100 grams, and it’s on sale for (brace yourself!) 1,49€ right now (that’s 1,65 US $). Love it!

I already found a pattern for it: I plan to knit Margot with it, a simple sweater, which will be chocolate brown, a colour that suits me. 🙂 I already did the math, and even with that-extra-ball-you-shall-always-buy-for-swatching, I will have material costs of 7,45€. If that doesn’t scream bargain! I don’t know what does.

There is other beautiful stuff right now as well in the shop … A great DK weight yarn, for example, 100% cotton … But winter is coming (TM?) and I’ll rather check out the winter collection before making too hasty decisions. Also, there might be some new Opal yarns coming along …

…. Raaaaaaaaawwwwrrrrrr …..

P.S.: As Philipp was proofreading the blog entry, he looked at me and said: “You could knit for MORE than a year …” Pff. MUGGLES.


4 thoughts on “Ah, what the Heck …

    • 🙂 ! (I am somehow really glad that the handmade won’t stop in town this year. Although this is sad, but I have to remind myself that money is tight and that I already HAVE lots of lovely yarn. I really do.)

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