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Gran’s Stash (Pictures. Loads of Pictures).

At the beginning of the year, I pulled out all of my stash. I also mentioned that I had some yarn my gran had given to me and had mentioned that she had said that we’d get out her stash someday to sort it out and that “we do that when granddad isn’t home”.

Omas Stash 01

Well, some of you were quite intrigued by the size of my gran’s stash … And I can finally reveal it to you. Part of it, that is.

You see, my grandparents are moving.
They live on the 3rd floor (4th, if you’re from the US) and my gran can barely climb the stairs anymore, because her athritis is so bad. They are not moving into an old-people’s home though. They have rented a flat on ground floor only ten minutes from their old flat. It’s a bittersweet move, for all of us. Bitter, because my grandparents have lived in that flat for 30 years exactly. Sweet, because the new place will allow my gran to get out more again, since she won’t have to climb over 40 steps anymore.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at my grandparents’ and did some grocery shopping with my granddad. When we got back, my gran was in the living room – among with a mountain of plastic bags.

My granddad looked a bit puzzled. “What is all this?”, he asked.

My gran looked up from the drawer which, apparently, had held this mountain of plastic bags (don’t ask me how. Physics cannot apply). “Yeah …”, she said, “I want to sort out my stash and I figured, Julia could decide what she wants to take with her.”

My granddad didn’t say anything. He was in a bit of a shock.

So we sat down, among the many bags, and started going through them. It was marvellous. We found:

  • a little pullover with elephants, unfinished (“I can’t remember who I knit this for”)
  • a little top almost finished, only the straps had to be attached (“Look at this. I even thread an elastic band through the upper part, it’s almost done.”)
  • three(?) half-finished sweaters (“I was trying to use up leftovers, but didn’t have enough …”)
  • a finished(!) short-sleeved sweater(!!) in bright red wool which was finished except for some ends that needed weaving in and that fit me perfectly – I was allowed to take it home. (“Gimme that, I’ll sew in the ends!”)
  • a big, big bag full of odds and ends

It was amazing. It was like an Aladdin’s cave of yarn, and we had so much fun sorting everything. I pulled out everything at first (I don’t own a smartphone, so no photos, sorry) and then went through it bit by bit, sorting the yarn on different piles. Most of the yarn was very old. The prices were still in DM (Deutsche Mark, our former currency).

Do you want to know what I took home?!

‘Course you do. 😉

Omas Stash 02Ta-Daaa!

The photo is a bit small, I suppose …let’s have a closer look. 🙂

Omas Sockenwolle
This is quite a bit of sock yarn. Mostly cotton based (at least, the yellow and the white balls), and enough to knit two pairs of socks with them. Or two or three pairs of sneaker socks.

Fluffy and Frothy
This is all fluffy and frothy … the red yarn in the front is the same yarn my new sweater is made out of, it looks a teeny bit like terry cloth (but not much). The yarn behind that has both acrylic and angora in it – the darker yarn will become a scarf.

Lace and Cablé

This is a LOT of laceweight … Cotton-based again.  There is lots of it – over 1000 metres, so I should be able to do something with it … The pink ball is a cablé yarn, a bit like sock yarn, but I think I’ll use it for something else.

Lotsa DK
There was lots of DK weight yarn as well. Most of this has a certain amount of acrylic in it, but I don’t mind that. The yellow yarn in the back is purely acrylic, but I think it should make very practical children’s garments – or maybe even something for me.

Lotsa Cotton
But most of it – was cotton. Lots and lots of beautiful cotton – don’t ask me what my gran wanted to do with it, but there is lots of it and it is great. I still haven’t decided what to knit with all of this: Baby clothes for charity? Amigurumi?

But although this sure is a LOT OF YARN …

Omas Stash 03
… it all fits in two bags. These are 1,8kg of yarn that went into my stash – and I think I can kiss my 2015 goal of stashbusting thoroughly goodbye. My gran suggested to give away what I didn’t need (“Maybe some of the women in your knitting group will find use for it?”), but although it may seem selfish, I don’t know if I want to give anything of it away. Maybe later.

For now, I’m just sitting happily among new yarn and knit my whole way through it. 🙂

P.S.: The two bags I took home were of course not everything in the stash. Two bags were for garbage and my granddad was asked to throw them out later in the week. Two bags were to be given to the neighbour downstairs who works as a part-time volunteer in a kindergarden. Two bags went to charity.
When we had finished the stash sorting, my gran went to prepare dinner and my granddad and me remind behind for a moment.
“Amazing”, my grandfather said, shaking his head and looking at the six bags. He reached out for the drawer to take another look, but accidently opened the drawer on the left side of the empty one. We stared. It was bulging with plastic bags.
“Emmy!”, my grandfather shouted, “Emmy, what IS all this?”
My gran came into the living room and looked at the open drawer and my grandfather’s flabbergasted face.
“Oh, don’t you worry about that”, she said and went back to the kitchen, “that’s different kind of stuff.”

8 thoughts on “Gran’s Stash (Pictures. Loads of Pictures).

  1. Hätte ich nicht schon säckeweise Handarbeitssachen aus Tante M.s Fundus in meinem Wohnzimmer wiedergefunden (zweistellige Sackzahl), es würde mir schwerer fallen, diese Story zu glauben. 🙂 Herrlich geschrieben!

    • Vielen Dank! 🙂
      Ich war auch sehr überrascht (und habe viel gegrinst), dass so viel zusammenkam. Jetzt ist mir auch klar, warum Oma mich immer nur pro forma ermahnt hat, meinen Stash nicht nur zu füttern, sondern auch zu verstricken … 😉

  2. So funny! Your grandfather would have a fit if he saw how much yarn other people have! 😀 Your new acquisitions are lovely – enjoy knitting them all. So special that they came from your beloved Gran.

    • Maybe a small one. 😉 Actually, we talked about this topic after last year’s handmade (maybe the year before last’s handmade even) … He isn’t against spending money on what you love, of couse – but for him, it is also important to USE what you bought. Accumulating yarn just for the sake of it that you will never have the chance to knit up is something that looks like a waste of money to him (and I have to admit that I agree, although I now have a lot of yarn as well).

      I am really happy about this newly aquired stash and I already went through some patterns, tagging here and there … I’ll see what I’m gonna knit with it. 🙂

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